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How to Drive Awareness to Your 2ndKitchen Residential Menu

To help your community get the most out of 2ndKitchen Residential, we’ve put together this kit to help drive awareness of your building’s new on-demand food delivery service.

What We'll Cover:

1. Announce on Your Building's Website & Community Management Portal

The first and most simple way of driving awareness of your new on-demand food service is to add an announcement on your residential building’s website and community management portal.

Update your building's website to include a message on the community's new amenity – and don't forget instructions on how to order food, including your residential community's 2ndKitchen menu link.

You can also add an alert navigation bar at the top of all your website’s page highlighting the new service.

If you use WordPress, there are many free plugins that help you setup sticky alert messages at the top or bottom of your website. We recommend a plugin called myStickmenu. You can find the free version on WordPress’s plugin marketplace – or for $19 a year you can purchase the premium version from here (it’s what we us at 2ndKitchen!)

Does your building have a community management portal, such as Appfolio or Buildium?

If so, it's a perfect platform to reach your residents.

Most community management platforms has an "announcements" section where you can let your community know about the new service, give instructions on using the platform, and post the link to order.

2. Promote on Your Building's Digital Signage

Do you have digital signage in your building such as TVs, screens, and monitors that you use to keep residents updated on general community announcements?

This is a great opportunity promote your community’s new food service.

We recommend two campaigns to promote your 2ndKitchen menu:

    1. Create a launch announcement to promote your new food amenity to use in all digital signage.
    2. Create a template to update weekly or daily with your building’s daily food specials.

3. Post Across Your Social Media Profiles

You have followers across your building’s social networks – let tenants know that your business now serves food. 

Be sure to have a concise message, clear call-to-action with a link to your menu, and a high-quality image of your new food options. Shares with images increase engagement of posts up to 95%.

Here is a template message to use across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other networks your building uses:


❗Attention [BUILDING] Residents❗

 You can now order daily food specials from [RESTAURANT]! 💥

You can order items such as [ITEM], [ITEM], [ITEM], and more with no delivery fees, directly to your unit.

Special thanks to 2ndKitchen for powering the partnership.

Check out the entire menu and order from your smartphone today!👇👇


Be sure to include high-quality photos of your building and 2ndKitchen menu – if you need high-quality photos, we recommend checking out a free stock photo website such as (it’s what we use at 2ndKitchen!)

Image dimensions and guidelines for optimal social media posting:

  • Facebook: 1200 x 627 px
  • Instagram: 1080 x 1080 px
  • Twitter: 1024 x 512 px

TIP: You can also update your social media bios to include a link to your new menu.

4. Send Residents an Email Blast

Do you have an email list that you use to send alerts, promotions, events, and special announcements to your residents? 

We recommend sending an email announcement to your community letting them know of your new 2ndKitchen service.


Hey [NAME]

[BUILDING] residents can now order FOOD from [RESTAURANT], with daily specials and no delivery fees! 💥

Check out the new food menu including delicious items such [ITEM], [ITEM], and [ITEM] here: [MENU LINK]

Special thanks to 2ndKitchen and  [RESTAURANT] for making this partnership possible.



For any reason you need help with your 2ndKitchen Residential account – you can reach us anytime through our live chat portal at the bottom-right of this page, through text at (855) 982-3181, or through email at