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How to Drive Awareness to Your 2Go Menu

To help you get the most out of 2ndKitchen 2Go, here are a few ways you can spread the word of your new to-go and delivery service with your customers.

Digital Marketing Strategies We Will Cover

1. Make Announcement on Your Website + Add Link to 2Go Menu

Be sure to add a callout and announcement on your brewery’s website – as well as adding in a link to your brewery’s 2Go online store.

You can also add an alert navigation bar at the top of all your website’s page highlighting the new service – like we did to announce our new 2Go service:


If you use WordPress, there are many free plugins that help you setup sticky alert messages at the top or bottom of your website. We recommend a plugin called myStickmenu. You can find the free version on WordPress’s plugin marketplace – or for $19 a year you can purchase the premium version from Premio.io here (it’s what we us at 2ndKitchen!)

2. Update Your Google My Business Panel to Include Your 2Go Menu Link

97% of consumers used online search to find local businesses in 2019, with the biggest driving being Google and its Google My Business panel that appears in search results.

Never set up a Google My Business account for your brewery?

No worries, we’ve got you covered with our complete guide to setting up, verifying, and optimizing your Google My Business account.

Adding in the 2Go menu link to your Google My Business panel can be done in under 5 minutes. We’ve outlined exactly how to update your menu – with screenshots – in our step-by-step guide to adding a menu to your Google My Business account.

3. Add Your 2Go Menu to Brewery Websites That List All Taprooms That Offer To-Go and Delivery

The craft brewing family is a tight-knit community. Many websites, especially since COVID-19, have created roundups of all the breweries in their network with information on how to order to-go and delivery beer.

For example, here is roundup on HopCulture on How to Support Your Local Breweries During COVID-19:


You can add your brewery and 2Go menu link to this HopCulture list here.

Step 1: Find all roundups of breweries offering to-go and delivery service in your area

Spend time finding all brewery-related publications, resources, groups, guilds, and local-roundups. This will be a great strategy for driving awareness and inbound orders to your brewery. 

Other examples include:

Consider local groups and publications that may not have national attention, but is respected in your local community.

PRO TIP: A hack for finding roundups of breweries offering to-go and delivery service is to use Google search queries. You can add modifiers to a simple Google search to help find very specific content. Just Google things such as:

“CITY” + “breweries” + “to-go”

“CITY” + “breweries” + “delivery”

You may need to play around with the search terms, but each new search will help you identify articles to email. For example, here is the results for “chicago” + “breweries” + “to-go”:


You can see the second article is a great target to reach out to.

Step 2: Find a contact for each article

There are a few main ways to find a contact for an article or website, and each article will be different. Take your time to find each article’s contact information. 

The most common ways to find an article or web page’s author are:

  • Some articles will have a CTA (call-t0-action) for breweries to reach out and have their information listed. Keep your eyes open for this.
  • If it’s more of a blog-style article, check if there is an author listed. You can then find them through LinkedIn.
  • Send a message through the website’s live chat.
  • Find the website’s contact page and send a message to its catch-all contact email.
  • Find the company on LinkedIn and find a contact in marketing, content, or PR to reach out to.

Step 3: Email each author or website to get your brewery and 2Go menu link listed

These articles have been published because the website is helping out breweries – so it should be an easy ask with a high-conversion rate to get your brewery listed.

Here is a simple email template to use when messaging websites and authors:



I noticed your article that lists out all of Chicago’s breweries that are offering to-go and delivery orders.

[YOUR BREWERY] just launched our new online ordering and e-commerce platform, allowing customers to order place to-go and delivery orders for our beer and merch.

I was hoping you could add our brewery to your list and help our taproom our during COVID-19.

You can find our menu and odering link here: [MENU LINK]

If you need any other content or media assets on our brewery, just let me know and I can send those over.

Thanks – and stay safe,



4. Post and Update Your Social Media Channels

Let your fans and followers know that they can now order curbside pickup and delivery online.

Be sure to have a concise message, clear call-to-action with a link to your menu, and a high-quality image. Shares with images increase engagement of posts up to 95%.

Here is a template message to use across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other networks your building uses:


❗Attention Craft Beer Fans❗

You can now order to-go beer and delivery from [BREWERY] online with no delivery fees! 💥

We’re partnering with 2ndKitchen’s 2Go service, providing easy access to all of your favorite [BREWERY] brews. Pre-order to-go pickup, place a delivery order, purchase gift cards, and merch, and provide relief to our taproom through our donation fund.

Check it out here: [MENU LINK]

You are encouraged to use your own photos of your brewery – but in the event that you don’t have photos, we recommend using a free stock photo website for high-quality photos. Unsplash.com is our go-to stock-photo site here at 2ndKitchen!

The best image dimensions for optimal social media posting:

  • Facebook: 1200 x 627 px
  • Instagram: 1080 x 1080 px
  • Twitter: 1024 x 512 px

TIP: Be sure to also add in your 2Go menu in your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram bio to drive more orders.

5. Send an Email to Your Subscriber List

Do you have an email list that you use to send promotions, events, and special announcements to your customers? 

This is a great opportunity to spread awareness and encourage those who have supported you in the past to check out your new to-go and delivery service, as well as other ways they can help support your taproom.


Hey [NAME]

We can all agree – COVID-19 sucks. But we have some good news!

You can now order to-go beer and delivery from [BREWERY] online with no delivery fees! 💥

We’re partnering with 2ndKitchen’s 2Go service, allowing you to easy access to all of your favorite [BREWERY] brews. You can now pre-order to-go pickup, have our beer delivered directly to your home, purchase gift cards and merch, as well as give to our taproom and employee donation fund.

Check out our new e-commerce store and ordering system here: [MENU LINK]

Thanks for supporting us during this time – and we can’t wait to see you back in our taproom.