Yelp Advertising for Beginners: Tips, Cost, Examples

Yelp Advertising for Beginners: Tips, Cost, Examples
April 8, 2020 Levi Olmstead

Setting up a Yelp business listing helps online users search for local businesses, helping bring in new customers through customer ratings and reviews.


Yelp is not only one of the most popular restaurant review websites, but can be used for businesses of all kinds – from restaurants and bars to beauty salons and spas and more. Yelp can be one of the most influential online resources for any business looking to promote itself online, connect with consumers, and share business information. 

Throughout this article, we will cover all the basics your business should know when setting up a Yelp business listing, including how to set up your Yelp business page, how to set up Yelp ads, costs, Yelp advertising tips, and inspirational Yelp marketing campaigns to get you started.

How to Setup a Yelp Business Listing

Creating a Yelp business listing is fairly easy and shouldn’t take too long. 

Go to the Yelp for Business Owners homepage, and we will start there.

1. Register

In order to create a Yelp business listing, you will first need to register your business. 

Click on “Get Started” in the middle of the home page or top right of the home page.


You will be prompted to enter your business name and location to ensure no duplicates are created.


If your business shows up in the drop-down menu, click it and hit continue. You will need to claim your business, which is outlined in step No. 2. 

If not, choose the “Add Now” button next to “My business isn’t here.”


You will then be asked to provide further details on your business. This will include what category (you can choose up to three) your business falls under, contact details, and your brick-and-mortar and online addresses. 

The more information you provide, the better your profile is perceived by page visitors, so be sure to be detailed and thorough, and make sure all your information is correct.


Once you finish filling out your information, click “Add Business.” 

You will then receive an email asking you to confirm your account. Follow the steps listed in the email and you are good to go!

2. Claim Your Listing

If a Yelp business page has already been created for you by someone else, rather than registering your business, you will need to claim your Yelp business page. 

Start the same way as step No. 1. Go to the Yelp for Business Owners homepage and click “Get Started.” 


You will be prompted to input your business location and name. If your business shows up in the drop down menu, click the correct business. 

You will then continue on to create a free business user account to claim your business.


Enter your email, read Yelp’s Terms of Service, decide what email preferences you would like, and click “Continue.” 

Once you finish creating your Yelp business user account, you will receive a call from Yelp to the number listed on your business page. Follow the instructions explained on the call, using the verification code provided to complete the process of claiming your business. 

If your business page has already been claimed by someone else, you can choose to share account access or you will need to contact Yelp’s support team.

3. Optimize Your Profile

Once you have registered and claimed your Yelp Business Page, it’s important to optimize your page in order to seem more credible and legitimate to online users.  

According to a Yelp study, restaurants with one or more photos on Yelp receive 155 percent more page views and leads on Yelp than those without. That means that adding just a few photos to your page can immensely help bring in business. These photos can be of your store front or interior, your products, your logo, or anything else you feel relevant to showcase on your Yelp business page. 


In addition to adding photos, ensure that all possible information forms are filled out. This includes contact info, website link, business location, business hours, and categories. The more specific information you have, the more likely your Yelp business page will help turn online searchers into actual leads. 

You can add up to three categories on your Yelp business page. If you can think of three, which I’m sure you can, use them all! The more categories you list, the more searches your page will become relevant for.

4. Moderate & Monitor Reviews

So, your account is fully up-and-running and gaining some business. Encouraging reviews from customers is a great way to gain further business. However, as the reviews start coming in, it’s important to monitor and respond to them – good or bad. 

If you receive a good review, thank them for their business. 

If you receive a bad review, thank the customer for their feedback, acknowledge their opinion, and share with them how you plan to improve service after hearing about their experience.


The worst thing you can do in this situation is not respond or get defense. Responding to negative reviews can help potentially salvage a negative relationship with a customer and prevent negative reviews from deterring new leads from your brand.

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Yelp Advertising Opportunities

Yelp ads can be of great use to reach new audiences for your business. If your Yelp business page is recently established and has few or many negative reviews, wait to advertise until you increase reviews and ratings. The better your Yelp business page rating, the bigger ROI you will see from paying for Yelp ads. 

Before looking into Yelp ads, make sure you set a budget and timeline for your advertising campaign. That way, you can more easily decide which advertising options are right for you without going over budget. 

To set up Yelp ads, there are three options you can choose from.


Depending on your business size and location, choose the option most fitting for your brand. 

For ad services like the above, you will need to get in contact with a Yelp representative to  purchase a full-service package. 

If you are more interested in self-service advertising for your business, Yelp offers tons of options for your business to promote itself on Yelp with:

  • Targeted Ads: Exactly what you would expect, regular ads promoting your business throughout Yelp’s website pages and user’s searches. 
  • Deals and Gift Certificates: Give back to your customers with options to help entice them to visit for the first time or return to your business. 
  • Slideshow: Pictures and videos help attract online viewers to your page. With slideshows, Yelp searchers can see all your Yelp business page’s media without clicking a single button.
  • Yelp Reservations: Reservations entices users to book due to ease and convenience. The less work the consumer has to do to visit your business, the more likely they’ll turn into a lead.  

How to Set Up Yelp Targeted Ads

If Yelp targeted ads sound like they’re for you, then good news! Creating a customized, targeted ad is an easy process that will take minimal time and can offer great rewards for your business. 

To create a unique ad for your business, you will first need to claim your business (as outlined above). 

Once your business is claimed, log in to your Yelp for Business Owners dashboard on a desktop and click the “Customize Ad” button. 


You will be prompted to choose a review and photo of your business or allow Yelp’s machine learning process to pick them for you. 

After you are satisfied with this selection, you will be asked to set a location range for your ad to be seen in.

Last, you will be given the option to add customized text in your ad. When you’re done, click publish changes and your ad is up and running!

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How Much Does Yelp Advertising Cost?

Yelp advertising charges on a cost per click (CPC) basis. This means businesses advertising on Yelp are only charged when users click on an ad that directs them to their Yelp business page or click on a “Request a Quote” that sends the business a message. 

However, depending on the size of your business, type of business you operate, and competitive market, this CPC price can vary immensely. Businesses can pay as low at $0.30 per click and as high as $40 per click. Therefore, it’s best to speak with a Yelp representative with a firm budget in mind so they can help you find the best and most cost-effective Yelp advertising plan for your brand. 

Additional charges can be imposed due to cancellation fees. These fees are typically the price of two months of advertising plus the cost of a video, if that was an option you chose.

5 Tips for Advertising on Yelp

Local advertising on Yelp can be extremely beneficial when done right. Below outlines five tips to help ensure you get the most out of your Yelp ads:

    1. Wait for the Right Time: Wait until you have a good rating and enough reviews to improve your Yelp business page credibility before attracting a new audience. 
    2. Use Quality Media: Use high quality photos and videos that represent your brand well at first glance. 
    3. Contact a Yelp Representative: Speak with a Yelp advertising representative to take advantage of all Yelp advertising options, such as adding CTA buttons and removing competitor ads from your page,  while staying within your budget. 
    4. Customize Ads: Customize ad images, reviews and text to ensure your ads are showing an exceptional review with a personal message from your business – it doesn’t have to be long, but speaking directly to potential leads always helps!
    5. Cancellation Fees: Consider a cancellation fee when budgeting your Yelp advertising – these fees can sneak up on many businesses and cause overspending.

5 Inspirational Yelp Marketing Examples

Now that you have the basic knowledge needed to set up your Yelp business page and Yelp ads, it’s time to start building your brand identity on Yelp. 

Below recognizes five outstanding Yelp marketing examples to inspire your while creating your own Yelp marketing:

1. Sapphire Nail Salon

Sapphire Nail Salon does an incredible job at representing its brand by using self-service promotional tactics on its Yelp business page. The salon offers 72 photos for searchers to look through and has bookings available with the click of a button.


On top of highlighting all of Sapphire Nail Salon’s services and amenities, the salon does a great job of responding to all reviews and questions by its community.

2. Chop Shop Casual Urban Eatery

Chop Shop is exceptional at gathering reviews and photos to represent its brand on Yelp. With three locations, the restaurant is consistent in responding to all reviews and maintaining all three location business pages on Yelp.


Chop Shop also makes it easy for customers to access any information needed with all its business information filled out in detail – it even offers customers the option to order online straight from its Yelp business page.

3. Unexpected Productions Improv

Unexpected Productions Improv excels on Yelp. Not only does the business have booking accessibility directly from its Yelp business page, but it also is completely detailed, listing all business information and amenities.


In addition to Unexpected Productions Improv’s detailed page, the business shows its support to other local businesses by reviewing and recommending them, showcasing those recommendations in its “From the Business” section. On top of all of that, Unexpected Productions Improv also offers free popcorn to visitors booking through Yelp!

4. Michael Ackerman – Coldwell Banker BAIN

While Michael Ackerman – Coldwell Banker BAIN does not have many reviews, his response time and rate are stellar and what every customer dreams of seeing. Michael Ackerman’s page gives typical quote ranges and ensures he doesn’t only speedily respond to customer messages, but also answers reviews quickly and is always appreciative.


The picture quality is supreme and offers page visitors a quick view into what he can do for them.

5. The House

Although The House is temporarily closed due to Covid-19 restrictions, that doesn’t stop the restaurant from showing off it’s extraordinary amount of content on Yelp from the business itself and customers.


With nearly 7,000 images and almost 5,000 reviews at a 4.5-star rating, there is no question that thousands of customers love The House. On top of including business information and amenities, The House goes one step further, sharing its health score rating with page viewers, showing complete transparency with its guests.

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You're Ready to Get Started with Yelp Advertising

With this information on how to register, claim, optimize, monitor, and advertise your Yelp business page, you are ready to start building your brand on Yelp.

Use the five inspirational examples above to spark ideas in how you would like to promote your brand on Yelp and watch your customers help increase sales and their reviews build your business’ online reputation.

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