How to Write an Inspiring Restaurant Mission Statement (+10 Examples)

How to Write an Inspiring Restaurant Mission Statement (+10 Examples)
December 3, 2019 Levi Olmstead

Any crash course in business will teach you that a mission statement is a crucial tool for business owners. This is true, but only if your mission statement is successful. A deliberate, informative, and clear mission statement will be extremely valuable to you as your business grows and evolves, especially for those opening a new restaurant.

Don’t worry if you need a little help getting started! We’ve got all the information you’ll need to begin developing your restaurant’s mission statement.

What is a Restaurant Mission Statement?

A mission statement is a concise and formal summary of the overall purpose of your business. Mission statements should be between one and three sentences, but the best ones tend to be more brief and memorable. It might feel like too simple an idea to spend a lot of time and effort to put together, but if done right, a mission statement is an incredible tool to have at your disposal.

An effective mission statement should be original, concise, and authentic. It will give your restaurant’s customers, employees, and potential investors a clear idea of your restaurant’s intent and functions. It can help customers relate to the personality and values of your restaurant and even inspire strong brand loyalty. It can help employees align themselves with your business.

And perhaps most importantly, it can serve as a constant reminder of your restaurant’s purpose when making important business decisions or fleshing out your detailed business plan.


How to Write a Restaurant Mission Statement

It might be tempting to start writing your mission statement with the end product in mind, but try to hold off. You’ll need to do some big picture thinking first. Right off the bat, figure out who you’re speaking to. Are you aiming to reach customers, team members, investors, partners, all of the above? 

Once you know who your statement is directed at, take a moment to answer some core questions about your business.

Questions to Help You Create a Vision Statement 

  • What are your restaurant’s values? Think about what was important to you in creating your business. 
  • Why did you decide to open your restaurant? What do you love most about what you do? Think about how it all started.
  • What does your restaurant do best? Highlight your strengths, the parts of your business you’re most proud of. 
  • What kind of service can your patrons expect? Let the world know what your customers will get from doing business with you, speak to the experience you aim to provide. This will help you and your managers ask the best restaurant interview questions to find staff aligned with your restaurant’s values and ultimately the best restaurant customer service in the industry.
  • What makes your restaurant different from the rest? Think about what makes your business unique and the niche you will be filling in the market. 
  • How do you define success for your business? Take note of your short and long term goals – who will benefit when you accomplish them?

If you have an answer to each of these questions, you’re on your way to a fantastic mission statement. The rest of the process won’t involve so much heavy lifting. 

You can work the answers to those key questions into a comprehensive paragraph highlighting the most important aspects of your business. You can pare it down from here – eliminating overlapping ideas and streamlining more convoluted sentences. Then, let it sit for a night and come back to it. You can refine it until it feels just right.

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Why Does Your Restaurant Need a Vision Statement?

Simple: think of it as your restaurant’s compass, its North Star. 

It’ll be your go-to line whenever you’re asked about your restaurant. If you have a solid statement, you won’t need to scramble to adequately describe why your restaurant is so special. A great mission statement is a connection point between your restaurant, your restaurant management style, and your audience; it could be your next best customer’s aha moment.

It’ll be worth your while to set some time aside to work on putting one together whether you’re still putting your business plan together or you’re working your way toward a rebrand.

5 Tips for Writing a Great Mission Statement for Your Restaurant

    1. Avoid leaning too heavily on jargon. It can confuse your audience and get in the way of the message you want to convey.
    2. Don’t go overboard with claims of grandeur, it will become clear to anyone reading if your restaurant mission statement’s claims are outlandish. Be honest and authentic. Your customers, employees, and investors will appreciate it.
    3. Use your mission statement to let the world know your intentions for your vision, and then go do it – listing it in your physical locations and on your restaurant’s website.
    4. Ask restaurant staff and colleagues to read it over. It can also be helpful to put your near-final version in front of a few other, trusted pairs of eyes. They might be better able to dish out some hard truths and help you trim the fat, or, they could point out some key points you’ve left out.
    5. Remember: You’re not describing just any restaurant. You’re demonstrating the values of your restaurant – your pride and joy. Give it the respect and praise it deserves!

10 Best Restaurant Mission Statement Examples

    1. Arby’s: Inspiring smiles through delicious experiences.
    2. Chipotle Mexican Grill: Ensuring that better food, prepared from whole, unprocessed ingredients is accessible to everyone. 
    3. McDonald’s: Be our customers’ favorite place and way to eat and drink.
    4. Panera Bread: Food as it should be. Food should taste good. It should feel good. It should do good things for you and the world around you.
    5. Portillo’s Hot Dogs: We provide fast service and quality food. 
    6. P.F. Chang’s: Our purpose is to Celebrate Life. Family. Food.
    7. Sonic: To become America’s most loved restaurant brand.
    8. Subway: Delight every customer, so they want to tell their friends – with great value through fresh, delicious, made-to-order sandwiches, and an exceptional experience.
    9. Sweetgreen: Our mission is to inspire healthier communities by connecting people to real food.
    10. Wingstop: To serve the world flavor.

You’re Ready to Write Your Restaurant’s Vision Statement

A mission statement may seem like something that can be easily glossed over, but make no mistake, creating one will be worth your time and consideration. You’ll be able to use your restaurant’s mission statement as a guiding light, helping you make important decisions and connect with your customers and other important audiences.


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