21 Tasty Online Ordering and Food Delivery Statistics in 2020

21 Tasty Online Ordering and Food Delivery Statistics in 2020
November 19, 2019 Levi Olmstead

The online ordering and food delivery market has exploded in recent years. 

From UberEats, Amazon, Deliveroo, GrubHub, Postmates, and more – massive amounts of money from Silicon Valley has poured into the industry, disrupting traditional dining experiences across the world.

Innovate new models called “ghost kitchens”, which are restaurants that only deliver food (think WeWork of kitchens), have emerged.

Small businesses are taking notice as well, with many traditional restaurants adopting flashy new restaurant websites with custom take-out and online ordering systems to accommodate this market shift.

But don’t take our word for it. Here are some of the most impactful statistics showing the value and growth of online ordering in 2019.

Online Ordering Statistics for Restaurants in 2020

  1. When placing an online order, a patron is more likely to use a restaurant’s website than a third-party site like Grubhub. (ToastTab)
  2. Millennials order takeout via an app or website more than any other age group, with 79% of Millennials doing so in the last year. (orderTalk)
  3. Restaurants that utilizes an online-ordering system are able to grow their delivery revenue 30% more than those who do not (Business Insider)
  4. Consumers who order pizza online on average spend 18% more than orders placed over the phone (Pizza Sales)
  5. Restaurant orders placed on a smartphone or custom app is over 6% of the total orders for restaurants (7 Shifts)
  6. 2/3rds of consumers say that they are more likely to visit a restaurant if they have previously ordered from them online. (PMQ)
  7. Online ordering is growing 300% faster than in-dining spend. (NRN)
  8. 31% of consumers say they use third-party delivery apps at least twice a week. (Mintel)
  9. 70% of consumers would rather order from a custom app than a third-party app so that more money goes into the pocket of the local restaurant business (Hospitality Tech)
  10. Pizza chains have seen an 18% increase in online sales in comparison to phone sales (Business Insider)
  11. Those who have never used a third-party app said they would if there was faster delivery, better restaurant selection, low order minimums, and first-time-use coupons. (Mintel)
  12. Third-party delivery services have raised restaurant sales volume up to 20% in extreme cases (NRN)
  13. 43% of consumers say that third-party apps intentionally interfere with relationships between restaurants and their customers. (Hospitality Tech)

Food Delivery Statistics in 2020

  1. 41% of consumers said if they were offered, they would purchase a make-at-home meal kit from their favorite restaurant (Restaurant.org)
  2. 52% of restaurant owners said high operating and food costs as a top challenge. (ToastTab)
  3. For Millenials, they dine in 42% of the time while ordering delivery or take out 40% of the time (Restaurant Business Online)
  4. 26% of consumers order delivery at least once a week (GloriaFood)
  5. 57% of Millenials say that the main reason they order out is to watch TV at home. (Mintel)
  6. 1/3rd of consumers surveyed said they are willing to pain more for faster food delivery. (NRN)
  7. Some predictions have the food delivery market valued at $365B by 2030. (Forbes)
  8. $3.5B was invested in food delivery startups in 2018 alone (The Spoon)

Online ordering is disrupting the restaurant model

It’s no secret that offering online ordering and delivery services helps restaurants increase their sales. But food delivery innovation has also opened up many options for kitchens to utilize their space to its maximum capacity and grow their business.

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