30 Disruptive Meal-Kit Service Statistics in 2020


30 Disruptive Meal-Kit Service Statistics in 2020

May 07, 2020


The food industry has undergone a transformation in the past ten years. From the rise of online ordering to the surge in third-party food delivery apps, the late 2010’s will go down as the age of innovation for food-tech disruption. 

The meal-kit service industry is yet another change for food production and consumption. In 2019, even in a saturated market with over 25 well-known meal-kit companies, new, VC-backed companies such as Sun Basket ($125M) and Munchery ($125M) raised huge amounts of capital.

Meal-kit delivery service companies are re-imagining what lunch and dinner looks like for busy Americans who lack the time to spend cooking meals and going grocery shopping. Here are 30 meal-kit delivery statistics in 2020.

Meal-Kit Service Industry Statistics

  • The meal-kit industry is worth an estimated $5 billion (Packaged Facts)
  • The meal-kit industry grew 333% from 2016 to 2017 (Packaged Facts)
  • By 2022, the fresh-food meal-kit delivery market value is estimated to be 11.6 billion (Statista)
  • 84% of Americans who purchase online-meal kits are on a subscription model (Nielson)
  • 17% of American consumers have signed up for a meal-kit service at least once (Packaged Facts)
  • 14.3 million homes purchased a meal kit in the second half of 2018, up 26% YoY (ReviewChatter)
  • By 2020, 1.3% of all global food and beverage sales are expected to be a meal-kit service (Time)
  • 11.2 million Americans visited a meal-kit service website in 2017 (Hitwise)
  • Revenue from meal kits being purchased in-store reached $93 million in 2019 (ReviewChatter)
  • 33% of Americans that have tried a meal-kit subscription serviced tried a free trial (Packaged Facts)
  • 90% of Americans that have tried a meal-kit subscription serviced have referred someone else to a meal-kit service (Packaged Facts)
  • 81% of Americans believe that home-delivered meal kits are more healthy than eating at a restaurant (USAToday)
  • As of 2017, food-kit service companies have raised over $650 million in venture capital (Packaged Facts)

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Meal-Kit Company Statistics

  • Blue Apron has the highest monthly website traffic of any meal-kit company at 3.97 million (MarketingCharts)
  • Blue Apron IPO’d in June 2017 at $10 a share and is now worth $7 a share as of May 2020 (CNBC)
  • For every $1 in increase in Blue Apron’s service results in an estimated 5% increase in the company’s gross margin (Toptal)
  • Of all Americans who have ordered a meal-kit service, 43% have ordered from Blue Apron, followed by HelloFresh and Plated (Money)
  • In 2018, HelloFresh has the largest share of customers in the meal-kit service industry at roughy 30% (Statista)
  • 80% of HelloFresh customers cancel their subscription in the first 6 months (PYMNTS)
  • The first meal-kit company was launched in Sweden in 2018 called Middagsfrid (Middagsfrid)

Demographics for Food-Kit Consumers

  • Adults 25 to 44 are twice as likely to be subscribed to a meal service than other demographics (Packaged Facts)
  • 29% of millennials have signed up for a meal-kit delivery service at least once (Money)
  • 26% of Gen-Xers have signed up for a meal-kit delivery service at least once (Money)
  • Only 12% of people 45 and older have ordered a meal-kit service before (Money)
  • 25% of Americans living in urban areas have tried a meal-kit company, in comparison to only 14% of Americans living rural areas (Money)
  • More men (23%) than women (15%) have tried a meal-kit subscription service (Money)

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Statistics on Selling Meal-Kit Boxes in Traditional Stores

  • 32% of Americans that subscribed to a meal-kit delivery service in 2018 did so in a physical store such as Walmart or Kroger (Nielson)
  • Meal kits began to be sold in grocery stores in 2019 and now account for 60% of new growth for the industry (ReviewChatter)
  • Revenue from meal kits being purchased in-store reached $93 million in 2019 (ReviewChatter)

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