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For Restaurants

Imagine a world where bars and cafes in your neighborhood served your food.

We are live in San Francisco and Chicago

Here’s how it works.

Receive orders from nearby businesses

Deliver the order by foot or vehicle

Businesses cater to their customers

A platform designed around your business

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Higher Revenues

Gain new “dining rooms” in the neighborhood that are ordering from your menu.

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Predictable Orders

Businesses order from a smaller menu, so orders are more predictable.

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Integrated System

Receive orders using our free in-store tablet so it is quick and convenient.

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Easy Delivery

Deliver in minutes to businesses that are less than 0.5 miles away.

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Use Your Capacity

Gain volume of orders through delivery, without crowding your restaurant or servers.

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Direct Payments

All payments from businesses will be grouped and sent to you once a week directly.

Receive orders seamlessly

We use industry-standard tablet ordering systems, much like the leading customer ordering platforms you are used to.

Simple, straightforward pricing

  • No monthly fees
  • No delivery fees
  • No setup fees
  • Pay only as you use the platform
  • Customer service included
  • No restrictions on item pricing

Try us out. It’s completely risk free.

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