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2ndKitchen helps restaurants increase orders with our exclusive partner network by connecting them with breweries, bars, hotels, and other businesses that want to serve food, but don’t have a kitchen. 

How 2ndKitchen works for restaurant partners

Customers Order

Once your restaurant is paired with businesses, customers find and order food through 2ndKitchen.

Restaurant Prepares Order

The order is sent to your restaurant and you prepare the order.

Delivery Courier Arrives

Delivery people using the 2ndKitchen platform arrive at to pick up the order from your restaurant, then deliver it to the customer.

“2ndKitchen opened up a streamlined food solution for guests at our taproom, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Our local restaurant partners are also extremely satisfied with the increased business 2ndKitchen provides, and are eager to continue this arrangement”

Strong Rope Brewing - Brooklyn, NY

John Hanrahan, Taproom Manager

strong rope testimonial

Oh, it's completely free to get started. Seriously.

Commission-based pricing. No technology fees. No delivery fees. No setup fees. Reach out to learn more
2K Logo Full White (1)

About 2ndKitchen:

2ndKitchen helps businesses such as bars, breweries, and more serve food without the overhead of a kitchen. Breweries all over the country are increasing their revenue and customer stay time by adding food to their menu – and it’s 100% free!