2ndKitchen’s New ‘Events’ Portal for Restaurants to Manage All 2K Events

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2ndKitchen’s New ‘Events’ Portal for Restaurants to Manage All 2K Events

September 09, 2020

Today, 2ndKitchen announces a new events portal – a new way for restaurants to manage their 2ndKitchen orders being placed at on-premise food popups & virtual events.

The new events portal is found in the ‘Events’ section of the 2ndKitchen restaurant app’s new sidebar that allows restaurants to view all of their confirmed events with 2ndKitchen in one centralized dashboard.

Let’s breakdown the two event types and how to use the 2ndKitchen events portal to manage both.

On-Premise Events

What Is an On-Premise Event? On-premise events take place on location, at a 2ndKitchen partnered business, with orders coming in real-time. On-premise events can include pre-ordering or no pre-ordering.

Pre-Event: Confirmation & Set-Up

The initial setup and confirmation of an event takes place in your Chef portal

After an event has been confirmed, it can be viewed anytime on the ‘Events’ section of the restaurant tablet. Simply navigate to the sidebar and select ‘Events’

From the ‘Events’ section, you can view any confirmed upcoming events you have scheduled. Clicking on an event card will open a new page with specific event details, including any placed pre-orders for upcoming events.

Events_Page_Menu (1)
Events_Page (1)

The Day of the Event: Managing the Food Pop-Up

After arriving at your event and set up of all materials is complete, use the restaurant tablet to officially start the event and allow orders to be placed.

Once you start the event, the only orders you will receive on this tablet will be popup event orders. If there is another tablet at your restaurant location, it will continue receiving regular non event food orders

To start the event, navigate to the event page and press the ‘Start Event’ button.


Similar to traditional 2ndKitchen orders, new event orders will present a modal on the restaurant tablet allowing the order to be accepted.

Once accepted, it will move to the Active tab of the event portal, where it will remain until it is fulfilled. To fully fulfill an order, a restaurant should press the ‘Order Ready’ button.

After an order is fulfilled, it moves to the History tab.

When all orders are fulfilled and the event is finished, press the ‘End Event’ button to end the event.

Pressing the ‘End Event’ button will open up a window confirming the event is over. Note that ending the event will remove the popup items from the business menu and customers will no longer be able to place orders for the popup.


Virtual Events

What Is a Virtual Event? Virtual Events do not take place on location. Instead, a 2ndKitchen business partner places pre-orders, and those pre-orders are delivered to the partner’s location at a set event time.

Pre-Event: Confirmation & Set-Up

Set-up and confirmation of an event take place on the 2ndKitchen Chef portal. After an event has been confirmed, it can be viewed anytime on the ‘Events’ section of the restaurant tablet. Simply navigate to the sidebar and select ‘Events’

From the ‘Events’ section, you can view any confirmed upcoming events. Clicking on an event card will open a dedicated page with specific event details, including all placed pre-orders that can be viewed on this page via the scheduled orders tab.

An order manifest detailing all virtual event orders will be emailed to the restaurant after the pre-order cut off time. This document includes all the details needed to fulfill orders including order and user details. Each order on the manifest is presented as a label, which should be cut out and placed on the specific order packaging. The manifest can also be accessed and downloaded on the specific event page on Chef.

One hour before the set event delivery time a notification modal will be presented on the restaurant tablet to remind the restaurant to officially start the event and begin preparing the orders.

Events_Page_Menu (1)
Events_Page (1)

Starting an Event & Fulfilling Orders

By pressing the ‘See Event Orders’ button on the one-hour modal, a user will be taken straight to the page for that specific event.


To officially begin the event, press the ‘Accept All Orders’ button. 

At this time the restaurant can review all placed orders and begin fulfillment.


Once all scheduled orders for the event are complete, consult the manifest and bag the orders appropriately.

When the orders leave the restaurant for delivery, pressing the ‘Order on the Way’ button on the ‘Events’ page will complete the event.

The new ‘Events’ portal update is now live!

Any questions on the new update or on anything related to 2ndKitchen events can contact Chris Anastasiades at chris@2ndkitchen.com


Drive orders with 2ndKitchen Events

2ndKitchen Events pairs restaurants with nearby businesses that are hosting food events – allowing the restaurant to utilize a new channel to drive food orders. 100% free for restaurants to join!

Join the conversation with thousands of customers and partners talking about the future of food service.

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