11 Examples of Hotel Website Designs that Convert (2021)

11 Examples of Hotel Website Designs that Convert (2021)
January 21, 2020 Levi Olmstead

Your website is the first impression that a guest has of your hotel and should be a reflection of how you want your hotel viewed. 

Not only is a professional website needed for aesthetics and branding, a well-designed website is also built to convert visitors into customers and act as a centralized hub for all inbound visitors. Your website should be at the core of your hotel marketing strategy.

The best hotel websites we cover all have a few qualities in common:

  • High-quality pictures of rooms and amenities
  • A clear call to action 
  • Easy to find reservation tools

11 Best Hotel Website Design Examples

We’ve rounded up a list of the 11 best hotel website designs in 2020. These sites stand out above the rest in aesthetic and experience. Whether you hire a company to build your website for you or you decide to make your hotel’s website yourself, take a look at what these websites are doing right.

1. Gramercy Park Hotel

The Gramercy Park Hotel is a luxury hotel in New York. Right from the homepage, you can tell what kind of hotel it is. A large fireplace and giant chandelier are the first things that you see on the page. 

As you visit the rooms, each style of room and suite has multiple high-quality pictures that give the viewer an expectation of where they’ll be staying. The photos show clean rooms and reinforce the luxury hotel brand. 

The theme of the Gramercy Park Hotel website is unique enough to stand out but still modern and easy to navigate. Each page of information tells a story that’s engaging to the reader and helps sell the luxury experience.


2. Evanson Ana Mandara

Located in Nha Trang, Vietnam, Evanson Ana Mandara boasts itself as Nha Trang’s only beachfront resort. The hotel website is clean and highlights its beachfront location from the start with beautiful photos. 

The website is quick and responsive. No matter what size window you’re viewing it in the information is easy to see and read. 

All of the important information is easily accessible on the home page. Users don’t have to spend time searching for directions or contact information. A clear “Make a reservation” call to action is right at the top of the page. 


3. Hotel Particulier

Hotel Particulier is an urban hotel located in Paris, France. Hotel Particulier’s website exceeds expectations with its unique design and layout. 

As you would expect, the website is primarily in French, but, as a Paris is a popular tourist destination, an English version is available with flawless translations. Each page shows a French title accompanied by an English title with an English translation. 

Hotel Particulier’s homepage begins with an automatic slideshow, showcasing each of its unique selling points. Each image in the slide show is engaging, inviting the viewer to learn more.

While font choices aren’t a primary concern for many hotel websites, Hotel Particulier uses their font as part of their overall brand of the site. The mix between thick, thin, and outlined fonts balance well with one another. 

Usually, animations on a website can be distracting, but with Hotel Particulier, each image animation blends into one another in an intentional way. As each image transitions, it tells a part of the story that keeps the viewer wanting to continue scrolling through the page. Hovering over an image will cause it to shrink or grow, prompting the viewer to click on it. 

At the bottom of Hotel Particulier’s website, they close with an additional call to action – “See you soon, love.” Right near this section of the site, they offer signup for their email newsletter and links to follow their social channels. Each design choice on the website keeps the viewer engaged and on the page.


4. Eleven Mirrors Hotel

Eleven Mirrors Hotel is a luxury hotel in Kyiv, Ukraine. What stands out about the Eleven Mirrors website is its simplicity. The user isn’t overwhelmed by endless paragraphs that go on about the hotel’s history or its multiple awards and amenities. Each section is only a few sentences long, and each bit includes a clear call to action, asking the user to read more, learn more, or book now. 

The Eleven Mirrors website is elegant and simple, a reflection of what the hotel offers. Users can get a personal feel of the business by taking a virtual tour, stepping right into the front doors of the hotel from their computer. Potential guests can navigate the lobby to see what they can expect upon arriving.


5. Outeiro Tuias

Outeiro Tuis is a manor house in Portugal. Outeiro Tuias’s website is bright and fresh, filled with warm colors. 

The thing that Outeiro Tuis’s website does well is the ease of use for the visitor. Everything that a potential guest would need is located right at the top of the page. Guests can select their arrival and departure dates and check availability with a simple search. The search tool is “above the fold” – viewable without having to scroll down. 

Outeiro Tuis’s website follows all standard site best practices. The images are of high quality and engaging, and all available amenities are listed. There is a clear call to action on the website, and testimonials give visitors an honest review of the business.


6. Gale South Beach

Gale South Beach’s website hits the user right away with the idea of fun and relaxation. Each image in the header slideshow either shows guests having fun or a view of their soothing scenery. 

Gale South Beach boasts itself as modern with award-winning style – and their website reflects that. The font is unique but still easily legible. The patterns and iconography reinforce their idea of “Miami Beach Chic.” Brand colors are consistent throughout and blend well with the Miami Beach concept.


7. Naumi Hotels

Naumi Hotels is a luxury hotel in Singapore. Naumi’s homepage instantly catches the attention of the viewer with a colorful slideshow of photos. The “Book Now” button still stands out in the header and is easily accessible as the user scrolls down the site. 

Speaking of scrolling, as the user scrolls down the page, section markers show the title of each section, and the user can click to jump between each one. 

In their testimonials, the Wall Street Journal calls Naumi “super chic and uber cool,” and their website reflects that as well.


8. Samsara Ubud

Located in Indonesia, Samsara Ubud uses unique typography to sell their resort. As the user scrolls down the site, section titles slide in from the edges, responding to the user’s actions on the page. The copy in each paragraph is well written and entices the reader to learn more.

Samsara Ubud uses large aerial photos of their hotel, highlighting the remoteness of their location – one of their most significant selling points. They also partner their pictures with their unique amenities like a floating breakfast and moonlight cinema.


9. Ace Hotel

Ace Hotels cut out all of the fluff and show only the vital information. The screen is taken up with a photo or a video – depending on which hotel location is selected. Each edge of the border gives the user one option – locations, a subscription to their events, booking a room, and a link back to the homepage. 

Scrolling down the website will take the user to a new slideshow, highlighting rooms or comforts. The copy for each photo is short – just a sentence or two – and gives a call to action. Ace Hotels makes the decision easy for the user and doesn’t overwhelm them with information.


10. The Redbury

The Redbury opens its website with a video demonstrating its high-end establishment. The video tells a story without words, showing a guest enjoying lavish rooms and working in a booth at its cafe. 

The Redbury website is sure to mention what they offer outside of lodging. A fully-staffed restaurant, bar, and bistro make The Redbury an all-around experience.


11. The Residence Maldives

The Residence Maldives doesn’t wait to tell you what’s great about it. It shows you. A video displays the highlights of the retreat on an island in the Gaafu Alifu Atoll. Clear waters, lively sea life, and private docks are some of the main features of the video.

The website is uncluttered and gives the user the information they need. Reviews and booking options are at the top of the page. Booking deals are just a few scrolls down and tell all the ways visitors can save.


Designing Your Hotel’s Website

Anyone can build a website, but not everyone can design a good website. You can draw inspiration from these sites as you create your own or choose to use these as examples when drafting a creative brief to outsource the project.

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