9 Best Guest In-Room Tablets for Hotels (2021)

9 Best Guest In-Room Tablets for Hotels (2021)
June 18, 2021 Levi Olmstead

Moving into the future, more and more hoteliers are seeing the benefit of incorporating new technology to maximize guest experience and return-on-investment simultaneously. These technologies have evolved rapidly over the past several years, especially with the onset of COVID-19 and the need for innovation in contactless hospitality. 

In-room tablets have become a front-runner among today’s most promising guest-facing hospitality technology. These hotel tablets allow guests to access self-services, control their rooms, and keep up to date with current events all from one centralized tool. 

Even better, in-room tablets require minimal effort on behalf of your customers – all of this control is right at their fingertips without needing to download an app to their phone.

What Is an In-Room Tablet for Hotels?

In-room tablets are easy-to-use, centralized control units that allow guests to safely and easily direct just about every aspect of their experience. From temperature and light control to room service and housekeeping preferences, hotel in-room tablets help hoteliers ensure guests a pleasurable experience while increasing return on investment.

Hotel in-room tablets allow guests to:

  • Access hotel information and keep up to date on all of the exciting events and amenities your hotel business has to offer. 
  • Browse local attractions and businesses, ensuring their trip (including their hotel stay) will be both enjoyable and memorable. 
  • Browse the web and check inboxes without needing to break out their own devices.
  • Check the weather and local news to make the most of their stay. 
  • Communicate with hotel and front-desk management without the need for phone calls or face-to-face conversation. 
  • Control smart room features with voice-enabled technology so they can feel like they’re staying in a hotel of the future. 
  • Play games or stream music and video to pass the time. 
  • Schedule reservations for on-site amenities.
  • Update their hotel stay and take control of their experience quickly and efficiently. 
  • View and order room service with plenty of options for add-ons. 
  • View local maps to plan their adventure with the ultimate start and end-point – your hotel.

9 Best In-Room Tablets for Hotel Guests

When choosing the best in-room tablet for your hotel, there are several factors to consider including features, available software integrations, and multi-language capabilities just to name a few. Here is our ranking of the absolute best in-room tablets for hotel guests:

1. Volo

Volo’s hotel tablet helps hotel businesses increase profits by allowing guests to purchase food and amenities while tuning their room environment to their liking. It also allows hoteliers to monitor guests’ needs and promote services while driving down outdated or redundant operating costs like printing. 


2. SuitePad

SuitePads in-room tablet is a winner of the 2021 Hotel Tech Report’s Hotel Tech Awards, and allows hotel guests to access their directory, control their television, and order room service all from a centralized interface.


3. INTELITY In-Room Tablets

Intelity’s in-room apple and android tablets are designed for use by hotel and casino guests. These tablets give guests around-the-clock access to reservation services, in-room environment controls, and housekeeping requests.


4. Crave In-Room Hotel Tablets

Hotel managers can use Crave’s Interactive’s hotel tablets to serve their guests and increase revenue. These tablets reduce costs through minimizing the need for printed materials, and allowing guests to opt out of services they may not need on a given day. Crave’s in-room tablets include USB ports that allow guests to recharge their devices while accessing hotel services, room-controls, and taking advantage of promotions.


5. BOWO Guest Room Tablets

Bowo’s hotel tablets are focused on creating and maintaining a premium guest experience while helping hoteliers increase revenue. They provide hotel managers with opportunities to upsell offerings, improve their digital marketing and customer loyalty strategies, and communicate directly with guests.


6. Poshie

These in-room tablets are designed to improve guest experience by allowing them to communicate directly with hotel staff and book services internally and externally. Poshi boasts a super smooth food-and-beverage ordering experience, and their platform offers several languages and includes an e-concierge.


7. Hoteza HotPad

Hoteza’s hotel tablets provide guests with a stellar hotel experience on both android and iOS devices which can be integrated with a number of popular RMS, PMS, and POS systems including Hoteza’s proprietary CMS. With these tablets, hotel guests can access hotel services and control their environment in any of 68 languages.


8. Incentient

This customizable hotel tablet software offers guests critical services like concierge and room service, and also gives hoteliers access to data they can use to improve their guests’ experience and increase profits.

AavGo Logo

9. Aavgo

Aavgo’s products, including their kiosk and app, let guests check in remotely, request services, order room service, control their rooms, and make their arrangements for their upcoming stays.

The Aavgo app can also be downloaded to personal devices, is multi-language, and allows hotels to eliminate printed materials by digitizing their content and loading it into the app.

Next Steps: Find the Best In-Room Tablet Vendor for Your Hotel

Putting the control at your guests’ fingertips will empower them to customize their stay and build positive associations with your hotel brand. Do some digging to find out your hotel’s specific needs and determine which of these fantastic hotel tablet options will best match your hotel business.

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