7 Best Contactless Guest Check-In Tools for Hotels (2021)

7 Best Contactless Guest Check-In Tools for Hotels (2021)
April 5, 2021 Levi Olmstead

Back in 2015, 60% of hotel guests said they are more likely to book with a hotel that allows guests to self-check-in with their mobile device than a hotel that requires in-person, physical check-in. That was half a decade ago, before the rise of hospitality trends such as in-room tablets and smart rooms.

Then in 2020, COVID-19 forced hotel properties to re-think all of their processes that involved in-person contact. This led to a sudden adoption of new technologies and software across the hospitality industry – including digitalizing the check-in experience for hotel guests.

What Is Contactless Check-In?

Contactless check-in allows hotel guests to self-check into their room, usually via their mobile phone. Hotels send a text or email to the guest that includes a link to the contactless check-in portal, which prompts guests to submit their contact details, scan their ID, and pay for any charges that haven’t been taken care of yet.

Once the guest completes their mobile self-check-in process, they can pick up their room key from the front desk or contactless pick-up station, or receive a mobile smart key.

Traditional Hotel Check-In vs. Contactless Check-In

The traditional check-in process involved guests arriving at the hotel and visiting the front desk. After waiting in a line, guests verify their info and hand over their ID to hotel staff. Guests may need to fill out forms or answer questionnaires, which the hotel front desk staff records into their hotel booking and CRM systems.

New, contactless check-in guest experiences are 100% self-service style. As mentioned earlier, 60% of guests are more likely to book with self-check-in, meaning it will help improve hotel ADR and occupancy rates – as well as provide another layer of social distancing protection for guests and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Above: Traditional Guest Check-In


Above: Contactless, Mobile Guest Self Check-In

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6 Benefits of Contactless Guest Check-In

There are many benefits of updating traditional guest check-in procedures for new, contactless check-in. Those include:

1. Reduces Risk of COVID Transmission

The main reason contactless check-in has been widely adopted in recent months is to avoid unnecessary contact between guests and staff. If guests can check-in via their mobile device, it allows hotels an alternative to risky guest and staff interactions. 

Guests travel from around the world, have been in contact with hundreds of people in airports, taxis, and public transportation. Hotel reception staff are around hundreds of travels a day. It only takes one COVID case to turn into an outbreak in your hotel, potentially causing shutdowns to take place – and worse, putting your guests and staff at risk.

2. More Convenient for Guests

Allowing guests to self-check-in means a better experience. No longer will they need to wait in line at the hotel reception and go through a series of questions that they could answer online themselves. With self-service check-in, guests can do all of this from the comfort of their mobile devices.

3. Sends Important Hotel Information Directly to Guests

With mobile check-in, hotels are able to send over any new COVID rules and regulations to their guests, as well as any other important information on the hotel and its services. Hotels can include things such as check-out time, cleaning schedules, hours for the pool and gym, and a link to their room service menu.

4. Improves Hotel Staff Productivity

There are dozens of tasks hotel management is tasked with. Freeing up your reception desk staff’s time allows them to focus on other hotel tasks and issues, creating a better experience for your guests and positively impacting your hotel’s bottom line.

5. Collects Data to Understand Guests Better

By having your guests fill out forms and submit their information through an online portal, you are able to collect your guests’ data into funnel it into your CRM or marketing platforms. You’ll be able to understand your guests better by seeing what time they’re checking in and collect key data such as their email addresses. This will allow you to send remarketing campaigns for future stays, send review requests, and launch re-marketing ad campaigns.

6. It’s a New Marketing Channel

Not only can you collect guest data for future marketing campaigns, but you can also use guest contactless check-in as a new channel as an advertising tool. You could push marketing messages for your ancillary revenue add-ons such as room service and spa offerings or can sell space to local restaurants and events looking to target your guests.

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7 Best Mobile Contactless Check-In Software for Hotels in 2021

Many larger hotel property management systems (PMS) now have built-in contactless check-in features for hotel guests. For this list, we’ve included only stand-alone solutions for hotels to manage contactless guest check-in.

1. MyStay

  • Price: .25c/reservation
  • Used By: Hotel International

MyStay is a complete contactless hotel reception tool and was selected by the World Health Organization as the best solution for hotels to use for mitigating COVID-19. With MyStay, hotels can send guests text and email alerts when they book, the days leading up to their stay, at check-in, and more.  A significant benefit of MyStay is its wide array of hotel software and service integration partners, including Bookassist, Amadeus, RoomRaccon, Guestline, and more.


2. Canary Technologies

  • Price: N/A – Contact for a Custom Quote
  • Used By: Standard Hotel Group, Pinnacle Hotels, Cambria Hotels

Canary Technologies is the leader of contactless guest check-in tools, providing a PCI Compliant platform that allows guests to check in securely. Hotels send guests a link via a text or email that takes guests to a secure portal where they can submit credit card details, their ID, and fill out any remaining hotel reservation forms. It confirms back to the hotel PMS that the details are correct and that’s it – your guests are checked in.


3. EasyWay

  • Price: $1.27/per room for small hotels, $2.97/room for larger hotels.
  • Used By: Meet Nova Hotels

Easyway.ai is a complete internal dashboard for hotels to manage the entire guest experience and provide a direct text line to management at any time. This includes a complete contactless check-in and out process for hotel guests. Hotels send over a link in a text, and guests can upload payment information, their ID, and sign documents all in a secure portal.


4. WishBox

  • Price: N/A – Contact for a Custom Quote
  • Used By: N/A

Wishbox’s contactless check-in solution provides hotels a new way to collect all guest information prior to their arrival, eliminating the need for in-person check-in. Its contactless check-in process can be customized to include anything from ID and passport scans, room payment and deposits, guest stay details, and more. Hotels can send the contactless check-in link to guests via email, SMS, or WhatsApp for international travelers.


5. AeroGuest

  • Price: N/A – Contact for a Custom Quote
  • Used By: Brochner Hotels, Prime Hotels, Royal Lancaster London

AeroGuest is a fully digital, mobile app platform for hotels. Guests can find rooms, book them, check-in and out of their rooms, receive a digital key, and more – all on their phones. It also provides guests and hotels with a direct text line to one another – removing the barrier between hotel staff and travelers. Itw API allows for hotels to integrate AeroGuest into its suite of other software tools it uses.


6. StayNTouch

  • Price: N/A – Contact for a Custom Quote
  • Used By: Great Wolf Lodge, Aria, Zoku

StayNTouch is a contactless check-in and check-out mobile system for hotel guests. It integrates with all major PMS platforms, allowing hotels to send automated emails for check-in and check-out to guests. From here, guests click a link that opens a new browser window for easy check-in. It also provides opportunities for upsells and for guests to check in early and check out late.


7. Intelity

  • Price: N/A – Contact for a Custom Quote
  • Used By: Palace Resorts, Bailey, The Cosmopolitan

Intelity is a customizable contactless solution for hotel guests to self-check-in. Guests use the information used for their reservation to confirm their identity and head straight to their rooms. Intelity also offers solutions for in-room entertainment, keyless card and room entry, and staff operation software.

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