How Zizi’s Uses 2ndKitchen to Drive Hundreds of New Takeout Orders a Week

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Zizi’s Cafe

Chicago, IL


Zizi’s drives hundreds of new orders a week by powering the food menu at Replay’s popup events.

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The Place

Zizi’s Cafe is a Mediterranean cuisine staple on Sheffield in the heart of Chicago’s vibrant Lakeview neighborhood that opened in 2012. It’s known for it’s delicious Mediterranean and Turkish dishes, as well as its friendly staff and owner, Zizi K.


The Challenge

Located in a nightlife-heavy area of Chicago, Zizi’s is positioned near dozens of popular bars, including Replay Arcade Bar – Lincoln Park.

With Replay already packing its massive arcade bar every weekend, it explored a new promotion to continue its success: themed-popup events for pop-culture fandoms such as Game of Thrones, the Office, and Lord of the Rings.

Replay rotated themes on a monthly basis, creating a sense of urgency among locals to visit the popup before it was gone. The events featured themed, limited-time cocktails and shots, as well as a complete overall of the bar’s decor to match the event.  

However, something was missing to make the popups a complete experience – a themed food menu. Without an onsite kitchen, Replay wouldn’t be able to prepare food onsite.  Luckily, Zizi’s Cafe was located right next door.

“I’ve always had a very good relationship with the owner of Replay Arcade right next to me and he wanted to promote my food to his customers,” said Zizi K, owner of Zizi’s. 

However, the two businesses lacked the infrastructure to create a united experience with simple ordering & food fulfillment – with customers needing to leave the bar to place and pickup orders at Zizi’s. 

“It was hard to get customers to actually call in orders or leave the bar to order Zizi’s. It felt out of place for them.”

The Solution

Enter 2ndKitchen, which provided a complete solution to power the Replay-Zizi’s partnership.

With 2ndKitchen, customers could now use their smartphone to scan themed QR-code menus place on tables throughout Replay –  allowing them to place orders from Zizi’s without ever having to leave the bar.

2ndKitchen is a great solution to be featured at the bar as the exclusive food option and it makes it really simple for Replay’s customers to order.” said Zizi K.

Once a customer places an order, it’s sent to a Zizi’s on a tablet provided by 2ndKitchen. The tablet allows the restaurant to easily manage orders and fulfillment, as well as provide real-time status updates to customers to track orders.

“2ndKitchen has helped me build an even closer relationship with Replay Arcade and has greatly increased orders coming from there.”


The Menu

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“I’ve always had a very good relationship with the owner of Replay Arcade right next to me, but it was hard to get customers to actually to leave the bar to order Zizi’s. 2ndKitchen is a great solution that makes it simple for Replay’s customers to order food from Zizi’s without leaving the bar.”

Zizi K., Owner at Zizi’s

onion-tended consequences burger

The Result

Using 2ndKitchen, Zizi’s has been able to exponentially grow its delivery orders by powering the Replay popup’s food menus – driving 400+ orders per week during its Bob’s Burger’s popup in September 2020, making up for lost dine-in orders due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Its highly-rated menu items such as its Krabby Patties, Pauncho Burgers, and Bob’s Burgers have also gained Zizi’s valuable PR and word-of-mouth buzz around Chicago – with features in publications such as Thrillist, Eater, and Do312. 

What’s next for Zizi’s? An upcoming Stranger Things-themed popup at Replay is the works – and also expanding partnerships with new types of businesses.

“I want to work with 2ndKitchen to connect to other bars, breweries, and hotels in my neighborhood to increase revenue for my restaurant.” said Zizi.


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