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Case study

Pollyanna Brewing

St. Charles, IL


Pollyanna Brewing keeps customers in its St. Charles taproom longer by offering food service with 2ndKitchen

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Key Results:

  • Launched a new food menu with various nearby restaurants
  • Keeps customers longer, increasing average bill size
  • Attracts more private events for its taproom

The Place

Pollyanna Brewing is a craft brewery with multiple locations in the Chicagoland area. It’s largest taproom sits on a large property overlooking the Fox River in St. Charles, IL, with both indoor and outdoor seating. The craft brewery is a popular hangout spot for Chicagoans to experiment with over 20 in-house brewed beer, or to rent its taproom for a private event.

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The Challenge

Pollyanna’s St. Charles taproom featured a great selection of craft beers and resided in a highly-visible space downtown. However it lacked one crucial part – a food menu. Pollyanna Brewing knew food service would attract more guests and keep them in their taproom longer, but the cost of adding a new commercial kitchen was too high.

The Solution

Enter 2ndKitchen. 2ndKitchen provides outsourced food service for breweries such Pollyanna Brewing by partnering them with kitchens in nearby popular restaurants. With 2ndKitchen, breweries and distilleries are able to create a dedicated food menu exclusively for their taproom – featuring local flavors from popular, nearby restaurants. It also allows taprooms to use its new food service to bring in local food trucks and attract group deals for renting out its event space.

With 2ndKitchen, breweries such as Pollyanna was able to build an exclusive, dedicated food menu for its taproom. Customers scan contactless QR-code menus that are found on their table, and place their orders on an easy-to-use menu accessible from their phone, without the need for downloading an app. 2ndKitchen manages payments, order management, kitchen coordination, food delivery, and any customer issues.

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“Before 2ndKitchen, we didn’t have food service. The greatest benefit of 2ndKitchen is keeping our guests around longer by offering food service. It has been crucial to our taproom’s success.”

Nick Miller, Taproom Manager at Pollyanna Brewing

The Result

With 2ndKitchen, Pollyanna created a new food menu for its taprooms. Its menu featured two popular restaurants within walking distance of the brewery, Smitty’s on the Corner and Crazy Fox Bar & Grill. This allowed the taproom to build a diverse food menu of both traditional brewpub-style food items such as wings, chicken tenders, and burgers – as well as comfort food such as BBQ ribs and deli sandwiches – to satisfy the taste of any customer.

Pollyanna’s St. Charles taproom now offers a full food menu, allowing the brewery to attract lunch and dinner crowds, as well as keep customers in its taproom longer. 2ndKitchen is able to power food service for Pollyanna’s at no cost to the brewery, allowing the taproom to take advantage of a food menu without the expensive and time-consuming cost of building an onsite commercial kitchen.

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