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Hopewell now serves one of Chicago’s most iconic and highly-rated burgers, the Mott Burger

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The Place

Hopewell Brewing is a brewery and taproom in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago that was founded by Samantha Lee, Stephen Bossu and Jonathan Fritz in 2016.

Hopewell brews and sells directly in its taproom, as well as self-distributes across the Midwest.

The Pairing

The founders had a vision of creating a community hangout space that fostered meaningful and rewarding relationships between Hopewell and its customers, where the people are just as important as the beer.

“We know that beer is just as much about the company you keep as the liquid in your glass. Welcoming and minimalist, our taproom features blond wood, floor-to-ceiling windows and communal tables.” – Hopewell Founders

But Hopewell’s lack of a food menu discouraged customers from staying in its taproom for more than just a few beers, leaving for other neighboring establishments with food options.

Building a kitchen was too expensive of a venture, hosting food trucks didn’t provide the experience Hopewell envisioned, and allowing customers to bring in their own food is sometimes too much to ask of them.

Mini Mott

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Enter 2ndKitchen

After a quick chat to understand Hopewell Brewing’s vision, pain points, and expectations for serving food, 2ndKitchen paired the brewery with a local and well-known restaurant, Mini Mott by Mott St.

The Solution

The Mini Mott pairing solved Hopewell’s food dilemma by allowing them to serve gourmet burgers and wings from their new 2ndKitchen menu.

With Mini Mott preparing the food, Hopewell was able to offer a full dining experience to its customers while avoiding the overhead of operating a kitchen and legality of serving food. They also were able to continue being a dog-friendly establishment, where families can bring their furry companions along as they enjoy their pints.

“Customers love our 2ndKitchen menu. It gives them a fast and easy way to have delicious eats delivered right to their table. With a partner like Mini Mott, bringing it into our taproom was a no brainer.”

Cress Wrenn, taproom manager.

The Result

By offering a dine-in experience, customers are staying longer and drinking more at Hopewell, resulting in larger bills and an increase in revenue.

Hopewell has also seen an increase in its positive Yelp reviews. Since serving burgers and wings, Hopewell Brewing has received 12 5-star Yelp reviews that mention the brewery’s food. In fact, 19 percent of all Hopewell 5-star reviews mention the Mott Street food menu as a reason behind writing the review.

12+ 5 star Yelp reviews that highlight the brewery’s food

19 percent of all Hopewell 5-star reviews mention the food menu as a reason behind writing the review

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