How to Setup Contactless Pickup for To-Go Beer

How to Setup Contactless Pickup for To-Go Beer
April 7, 2020 Levi Olmstead

COVID-19 has redefined how breweries, distilleries, and wineries operate. With 75% of Americans now living in an area that is under mandatory lockdown, these businesses have been forced to shut down taprooms – and with it the majority of in-person sales.

Those in the craft-alcohol industry now must rely on selling alcohol online and fulfilling those orders with to-go and delivery apps for taprooms. Making the situation even tougher is that each state has different laws around the online sale of alcohol, as well as separate laws around pickup and delivery orders.

Many states – such as Wisconsin – do not allow direct-to-consumer delivery or the shipping of alcohol and require online liquor, beer, and wine orders to be picked up in person. However, breweries in these states are able to setup contactless pickup & drive-thru fulfillment to sell beer to customers.

How to Setup Contactless Pickup for Brewery To-Go Orders

We’ve created this step-by-step guide on how to setup contactless pickup for your taproom, with QR-based pickup stations for taprooms to sell drive-thru, to-go beer.

Step 1 - Sign Up for a Brewery To-Go Ordering System with QR-Code Authentication

You’ll first need to onboard an online ordering system to promote and manage your contactless, curbside to-go service that has QR verification at pickup. 

Luckily, 2ndKitchen 2Go is a 100% free, all-in-one online ordering system for breweries that includes QR authentication pickup. This allows for states to bypass mandatory in-person pickups while still offering a contactless, drive-thru pickup experience.


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Step 2 - Upload Your Brewery's Beer and Merch to the To-Go Ordering Portal

Next you’ll need to upload all of your breweries beer and merchandise items to your online to-go ordering menu.

If you use 2ndKitchen, our team helps upload your taproom items and launch your new contactless to-go portal within 24 hours. You send our team your beer and merch list, or grant access to your 2Go portal to edit items, images, sizes, and prices.


Do you use Untappd? 2Go’s Untappd integrations allow you to import menus with one click.

Step 3 - Setup a To-Go Area for Contactless Pickup

You’ll need to create a simple process for customers fulfilling their contactless to-go orders. When considering how to setup your pickup area, consider accessibility, size, proximity to your taproomn, and more to create a quick and easy system.

Here are a few examples for setting up an intuitive pickup area:

  • Curbside Pickup:  Choose an area outside of your brewery with adequate street parking and area for your customers to wait in their vehicles for their to-go beer orders to be brought to their car. 
  • Parking Lot: Transform your taproom’s parking lot into a to-go waiting area. This allows your customers to park their vehicles, place to-go orders, and wait as your brewery’s staff fulfills and loads their car with their beer. 
  • Drive Thru: If your brewery has the space, we encourage you to create a taproom drive-thru where customers can form a line, place their contactless orders via their phone, and then pickup their beer order. 

Perks of 2ndKitchen 2Go: 2Go partners are provided with digital and physical signage to help easily identify your pickup area.

Step 4 - Launch Your Contactless Drive-Thru Pickup Service

Your online ordering portal and in-person contactless pickup system are both ready to go live. All that is left is to launch your new service.

Here is what that final pickup system looks like:

  • Customers visit your brewery:  Customers follow the physical signage directing them to your to-go ordering and waiting area.
  • Customer verifies order by scanning a QR code or via text: The QR code sends customers to your taproom’s 2Go menu, where they can browse your items and fill their virtual shopping cart with craft beer and merch.
  • Customer pays for their order through the 2Go portal: 2Go accepts payment via debit & credit card, Apple Pay, and Google Pay
  • Verification of the order and ID check contactless orders: After an order has been placed, a QR code is automatically generated, which is then verified through your staff scanning the QR code. 2Go allows you to check customers’ ID and scan QR-verification codes completely contactless.
  • Fulfill and complete order: Your taproom’s staff loads the customer’s vehicle with their order (found by scanning their QR code) and your customer’s transaction is complete – meaning they can drive home and enjoy your brewery’s delicious beer!

Step 5 - Promote Your Safe New Contactless, QR-Code Pickup Menu

Now that you’ve set up the online menu and figured out how to fulfill drive-thru orders without coming into contact with customers, all that is left to do is promote your new to-go menu.

Here are a few quick and simple marketing tactics for promoting your brewery’s to-go menu:

  • Adding the to-go menu link to your website’s homepage and navigation bar, in social media bios, and in your Google My Business listing.
  • Create social media posts on all your profiles announcing your new contactless pickup menu.
  • Send an email blast to your taproom’s customers who have subscribed to your email list.
  • Reach out to local publications that have published lists of breweries offering to-go pickup and ask to get your brewery and menu added to the roundup.


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