20 Dog-Friendly Breweries in Chicago (2021)

20 Dog-Friendly Breweries in Chicago (2021)
February 14, 2020 Levi Olmstead

To many, the dog is a part of the family. As an essential member of your tribe, it can be tough to leave the pooch at home when you’re looking to explore the city’s new taprooms. Thankfully, more and more breweries are listening to their customers and opening their doors to people and pups alike. 

The rise in interest in craft beer has brought an abundance of breweries to open for business, and most of these master brewers have a soft spot for canines as well. 

Chicago’s Best Dog-Friendly Breweries in 2020

Chicago is home to nearly 170 breweries, making it one of the top cities in the United States for craft beer. As you go through your self-guided bar crawl, you can take Fido along to these Dog-friendly Breweries and Bars in Chicago.


2760 N Milwaukee Ave


1. Hopewell Brewing Company

Hopewell Brewing began as a homebrewing operation that started when the owners were in college. Hopewell Brewing features a minimalist taproom with floor to ceiling windows and communal tables. Dogs are welcome in their taproom, and you’ll see plenty of cute pups around.

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2137 W. Walnut St


2. Midwest Coast Brewing Company

Siblings Cameron and Lanie founded Midwest Cost Brewing with dogs in mind. Their logo features Maverick, a lab they had for 14 years while growing up. Midwest Coast claims they’re just regular folks that love making great beer. They allow dogs inside and out and even have flights in the shape of a dog bowl — possibly the most important thing, Midwest Coast frequently partners with local dog rescues.


2140 N Milwaukee Ave


3. Pilot Project Brewery

Pilot Project calls itself a brewery incubator and tasting room. As an incubator, Pilot Project works to support skilled brewers enter the brewing game that otherwise can’t get past the high barriers set to new brewers. Pilot Project allows children throughout, but dogs are limited to patios.


4257 N Lincoln Ave


4. Half Acre Beer

The Lincoln Brewery of Half Acre Beer is a massive 13,000 square foot building that is home to one of the first production breweries that Chicago in decades at the time of opening. As Half Acre Beer expanded, they opened a second brewery, the Balmoral brewery, in 2015. Half Acre allows dogs on their patio for customers that want to bring their best friend along.


3057 N Rockwell St


5. Metropolitan Brewing Taproom

Metropolitan Brewing specializes in German-style lagers. Metropolitan is a “slashie” – which means it’s both a bar and a liquor store- or bar/liquor store to work in the namesake slash. Metropolitan Brewing allows dogs in all areas, inside and out.


4055 West Peterson Avenue


6. Alarmist Brewing

Alarmist owner Gary Gulley is originally from Kokomo, Indiana. After spending some time in Texas where he discovered real beer, Gary began homebrewing and brought his love of good beer back to Chicago. Alarmist has a dog-friendly taproom so you can bring the pupper along.


1000 N Frontage Rd


7. Miskatonic Brewing Company

Stainless steel appliances and galvanized walls line the taproom at Miskatonic Brewing Company. Miskatonic Brewing encourages its patrons to have fun and stocks a full collection of board games. The interior taproom is heated and air-conditioned based on the season, and dogs are welcome inside. The rules of the business apply to both humans and dogs – “If you behave, you can stay.”


2101 S Carpenter St


8. Lo Rez Brewing Company

Two self-proclaimed code monkeys founded lo Rez Brewing. Kevin and Dave wanted to move off the computer and get to work creating with their hands. They focus on old-world craftsmanship and making “traditional beer for a modern world.” Lo Rez invited dogs to join them both inside and outside.

1801 W Foster Ave


9. Empirical Brewing

Empirical Brewing boasts the fact that when it all comes down to it, they’re just a bunch of nerds that love beer. They test all new recipes on a 1-barrel pilot system and collect data and feedback from their customers. Even their logo is nerdy, representing the word “beer” in the cuniform language. Empirical Brewing is dog-friendly in all places, all of the time.


1800 W. Cuyler Ave


10. Begyle Brewing

Begyle prides itself on making quality beer that brings people together. One of their community initiatives is the CSB – “Community Supported Brewery.” They offer members 6-month or 12-month growler fill subscriptions. Begyle Brewing is entirely dog-friendly.

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1800 W Belle Plaine


11. Dovetail Brewery

Dovetail Brewing gains its name from the dovetail joint, one of the most durable joints in woodworking and a sign of fine craftsmanship. Owners Hagan and Bill treat brewing as a balance between art and science, using traditional brewing practices and modern creativity to create unique beers. All well-behaved dogs are welcome in the taproom.

Is your Chicago brewery dog friendly? Drop us an email and we can add you to this list!

2024 W Balmoral Ave


12. Spiteful Brewing

Spiteful Brewing began their operations in a home kitchen. As the owners gained experience and began to upgrade their system, they realized their dream of opening a brewery. The current staff of four all work together to brew, package, and deliver beer all over Chicago. Spiteful Brewing loves dogs and will provide water and treats for all four-legged visitors.


3345 N Lincoln Ave


13. Bitter Pops

Bitter Pops carries a large selection of cold beer, spirits, and wine. They have a taproom, and a self serve tap system available. Bitter Pops loves “Bitter Pups” and even has an Instagram dedicated to their canine visitors. However, dogs are not allowed in the tasting room on Fridays and Saturdays except for special events.


1400 W 46th St


14. Whiner Beer Co.

Whiner Beer Co.’s process centers around barrel-aged beer, which is a tradition that comes from Belgium and France. Whiner Beer creates beer for “people with a wanderlust palate,” Dogs are welcome inside and out. The taproom is the perfect place to bring a dog that loves to take a snooze in the taproom.


18027 Dixie Hwy


15. Vice District Brewing

Curtis and Quintin started their brewing business on accident. They were just two strangers that happened to buy houses across from one another. Soon their basements were overflowing with supplies and beer. As more people learned about their passion for brewing, they began hosting more parties for people to join them in enjoying their craft. Soon they moved out of the house and into their brewery. Vice District Brewing welcomes dogs inside and out.


3925 W. Dickens Ave


16. Off Color Brewing

Off Color Brewing’s owners studied at the Siebel Institute of Technology – a school in Chicago the focuses on brewing education. After a brief internship at Metropolitan Brewing and some experience at other breweries, they joined up to open Off Color Brewing. Dogs (and Cats!) are allowed on the patio at the staff’s discretion, but not inside the taproom.

13357 Olde Western Ave


17. Blue Island Beer Co.

Blue Island Beer Co. features European and American beers. In addition to their craft beer, they also have two rotating craft sodas. Blue Island Beer welcomes dogs inside and outside.


6119 East Ave


18. Blue Nose Brewery

Blue Nose Brewery is the Fonzie of breweries – cool without trying to be. The taproom has sports and games, and the staff is always friendly and helpful. Blue Nose invites dogs of all breeds and has water bowls available.


1480 Industrial Drive


19. Church Street Brewing Company

With free brewery tours, a variety of games, and a large assortment of beers, Church Street Brewing is “righteously good beer.” Church Street is a chill atmosphere with friendly dogs welcomed inside and out.


2337 S Michigan Ave


20. Motor Row Brewery

Motor Row gets its name by brewing its beer in the original automotive district of Chicago. The offer B.Y.O. Food and have local delivery options. Motor Row has three different floors with uniquely-name brews at each stop. Motor Row is has a pet-friendly taproom so you can enjoy a pint with your pup.  

No trip is complete without bringing your best friend – and if you’re best friend has four legs and barks, you’re in luck. While some breweries seem to be more for cat people, many more are dog lovers. Next time you’re planning a trip out, be sure to bring the whole crew along.


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