15 Inspiring Brewery Website Designs in 2021

15 Inspiring Brewery Website Designs in 2021
January 30, 2020 Levi Olmstead

If you’re looking to open a business of any kind in today’s market, one of the most important marketing factors to consider that may be overlooked is your brewery website design. 

If you’re starting a brewery or already own one and simply rebranding your website, you already know how competitive the industry you’re in is. One way to stay ahead of the curve is to show your consumers a unique, exciting, and enticing website that draws them to trying your beers over other breweries in your area.

Creating the perfect website for your brewery will depend entirely on your brand; however, there are some features and content that have proven to be successful on brewery websites in the past. 

For instance, you decided to create your brewery somehow – tell that story, people want to hear it! Additionally, share your inspirations for your artwork and the taste of your beer. This is the content consumers are visiting your website to read.

On top of great content, using artwork to match your brand and even videos and animations can add great interest in your brand. Most likely, if someone is on your brewery website, they are looking for somewhere to enjoy themselves – show them the fun experience they will have at your brewery before they even step through the door.

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Below outlines 15 brewery website designs that are bound to inspire you while creating an inviting and exciting website for your brewery and five website design theme templates to get your started. 

15 Inspiring Brewery Website Design Examples

If you’re stuck on what design path to follow for your brewery website, these 15 real brewery websites are meant to inspire you with unique ways to show your own brand off and increase brewery visitor and consumer rates.

If you’re stuck on what design path to follow for your brewery website, these 15 real brewery websites are meant to inspire you with unique ways to show your own brand off and increase brewery visitor and consumer rates. 

1. Against the Grain

Location: Louisville, Kentucky

Against the Grain prides itself on never being boring and really dives into the idea that drinking beer should be a fun, rowdy time. The four co-founders created this branding through inventive, fun beer tastes, names, artwork, brewery logo and, of course, Against the Grain’s website.

Using the same artwork the brewery’s cans wear and pictures of the team and past events, Against the Grain’s website is enticing, welcoming, and easy to navigate, showing consumers exactly what to expect when visiting Against the Grain – a good time.


2. Camden Town Brewery

Location: London, UK

Camden Town Brewery has a large selection of beers with the hopes that the brewery has a beer for everyone. Showcasing each beer and its personality and taste on the homepage, Camden Town Brewery pushes consumers to find a beer they’ll love. The website also offers the unique feature of sharing every team member’s name and photo, what they do, and their favorite beer.


3. Three Floyds Brewing

Location: Munster, Indiana

Three Floyds Brewing uses detailed, can’t-be-missed, drawn artwork to complement the unique taste the brewery creates. To ensure people know they’re on the right website, the brewery animated the artwork from the cans, covering every page of the website with visually stimulating content that represents the brand well.


4. Driftwood Brewery

Location: Victoria, British Columbia

Driftwood Brewery prides itself on upholding the highest quality in every can and staying truly connected to the product it’s selling. The brewery’s website shows this prioritized connection and high quality through its welcome page header video that shows Driftwood Brewery team members incorporated throughout the production process from fermentation to enjoy the final product at the bar.


5. New Belgium

Location: Fort Collins, Colorado and Asheville, North Carolina

New Belgium, being a fairly well-established brewery, uses its website to showcase some of its most popular beers. The website is simply-designed with options to check out the brewery’s many beer options, company information, visiting information for the brands three locations, and the shop. Consumers can find and access all the information they need easily, while viewing the graphics on brand with New Belgium.


6. Thorn Brewing

Location: Various California Locations

Thorn Brewing is a welcoming brewery that immediately invites website visitors to visit one of its locations for any occasion. Thorn Brewing’s website uses a lot of white space not to distract consumers’ focus toward the brewery’s aim of creating a community through events and newsletters.


7. 4 Pines Beer

Location: Brookvale, New South Wales 

4 Pines started from a father and son who wanted an exceptional drink to enjoy after outdoor activities. Since its start, the brand has initiated a “Save the Pines” program to promote environmental and social responsibility within and beyond the brewery. Using rustic imagery and pine tree graphics, the website uses the brands logo to promote what is most important to it.


8. Hopewell Brewing

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Hopewell Brewing is a trendy brewery that works hard to create a welcoming atmosphere that offers a rewarding work environment to its staff. With a simple website design that still allows the brewery’s branding to shine through, Hopewell Brewing offers its story, beer options, and visit information in an easy-to-navigate, well-branded format.


9. Gigantic Brewing

Location: Portland, Oregon

Gigantic Brewing works hard to be a fun, confident brand that makes excellent IPAs and great seasonal drink options. The brewery is small, and prides itself on staying small and focusing on continuously creating inventive, great tasting beers over making a lot of beer. Gigantic Brewing’s personality is shown throughout its website from its beers to its artwork to its merchandise. The website is fun and simple, and offers just enough for what consumers need – just like the brewery itself!


10. Ska Brewing

Location: Durango, Colorado

Ska Brewing chose a unique website design choice that paid off. As the name suggests, Ska Brewing takes the offbeat path, creating a funky brand with an almost newspaper-like approach on its website. The front page of the website gives consumers easy access to browse any and all information about the brand, showcasing the featured brew of the moment and sharing the founders stories.


11. Russell Brewing Co.

Location: Surrey, British Columbia

Russell Brewing is a classic-feeling brand with a twist that uses all natural ingredients. The website provides a great representation for the brand, as it feels like what one would expect when clicking onto a beer website, but with a twist of modern, trendy videos and graphics. One of the website’s coolest features is it’s “Beer Finder” that allows consumers to search for where they can find the brewery’s products near them within a certain radius.


12. Revolution Brewing

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Revolution Brewing recognizes the evolution of American beer drinkers as its main motivator in being a leading, innovative brand in the beer industry. The brand prioritizes transparency with its consumers and works to create a variety of diverse beers without ever forgetting its revolutionary branding. The detailed, creative artwork is used throughout Revolution Brewing’s website, a website in which all inquires about the brand can be answered simply from looking at the top menu. From learning the brewery’s history and recognitions, to its beers and brewpub information to delivery information, Revolution Brewing’s website design ensure consumers can find anything they are looking for in just one click.


13. Bell’s Brewery

Location: Kalamazoo, Michigan

Bell’s Brewery offers more information than the average brewery website. It separates its beers into four categories, with the awesome feature of having a beer calendar so visitors can plan trips in advance, knowing that beers they want to try will be available. The brewery also gives a timeline, which adds a nice touch to its story, offering more in-depth information to its consumers, but separating the information into smaller timeline bits.


14. Lord Hobo Brewing Co.

Location: Woburn, Massachusetts

From Lord Hobo Brewing’s name and logo, it’s evident that the brand uses royal influences while remaining modern and trendy. The website does well to show Lord Hobo Brewing puts its beer on a pedestal with its elegant, yet free-spirited beers and branding. Lord Hobo Brewing also offers a beer finder section called “Get Some” that allows consumers to search for beer locations by product and business establishment.


15. Upland Brewing Co.

Location: Bloomington, Indiana

Rather and attempting to keep up with trendy craft breweries, Upland Brewing prides itself in creating unique beers that the brewery constantly improves and challenges with itself. The brewery uses its Midwestern charm to show its sense of community and give consumers a home-like feel through its website photography, showcasing its beer in picnics, barbeques, and tailgate settings.


5 Brewery Website Design Theme Templates

Now that you’ve seen 15 great real-life brewery websites and how each brewery used it’s unique brand to make simple, yet interesting websites to entice consumers to visit, it’s time to find the right template to start modifying and personalizing your own website. 

While these templates are great starters, there are thousands of options out there. So, even if none of these seem like the exact right fit for your brand, it’s likely at least one will get your headed in the right direction to find your ideal website design template. 

Additionally, keep in mind that these are templates, and templates are made to be changed. So, even if you don’t necessarily like the look of the example, it’s likely that any changes you make will completely change the look of the website – only the base structure has to be kept the same.

1. Vance Template for SquareSpace

Vance is one of SquareSpace’s most popular templates for food and drink establishments for obvious reasons. It is extremely customizable, helping any business create a great-looking website that can be rebranded with ease. The Vance template offers a full page image home screen with main link options, a booking page, an our story page, a photo gallery, a contact info page, and a newsletter page. More options can be added to this simple, easily edited template.


2. Divi’s Brewery Template for WordPress

Divi’s Brewery template gives breweries a fresh, modern-looking template to personalize. The template includes pages for a homepage, about page, blog, contact page, event page, landing page, and shop. While the template does not have diverse structural options, it’s easily edit and personalized with maintaining a clean, fresh vibe on your website.


3. The Brew House Template for WordPress

The Brew House is an awesome option for WordPress users looking to create a brewery website. The theme offers six homepage options with a homepage slider that is easy to edit and change the imagery for. In addition to diverse homepage options, the template includes sections including ways to tell your brand story, show your beer selection, and promote events. Using the events manager tool, bookings and visitation ticketing can also be easily added to the template.


4. BeerPub Template by TemplateMonster

BeerPub is an extremely diverse template, with six different layouts for users to choose from. The diversity the BeerPub template offers gives brewery websites a lot of flexibility and free rein to really create a website unlike any other. In addition, the template includes demo images to inspire website designers for what type of imagery would look great in every section.


5. Craft Beer Template by MotoCMS 

The Craft Beer template is a great option for website creators looking to avoid coding – although coding is, of course, compatible, it is not necessary. The template allows video integrations to be added to its sleek design. It offers a great-looking, easily customizable website for consumers to enjoy in addition to incredible support for website designers.


Get Brewing – Get Designing

You now have 15 brewery website examples to explore and get inspired from, in addition to five awesome, versatile brewery website templates. 

Getting inspired and picking a structural layout are the first steps to creating an enticing, fun website to persuade consumers to visit your brewery and taste your thirst-quenching beers. So, what are you waiting for? Grab one of your beers, and start planning your brewery website design today!

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