50 Best Beer and Brewery Logos (+How to Make Your Own)

50 Best Beer and Brewery Logos (+How to Make Your Own)
November 18, 2019 Emily Stolberg

 Your beer may be the best brew to ever touch the Earth. However, without an amazing logo to match your tasty drink and represent who your brand is, no one may know! 

A lot goes into the creation of beer and brewery logos. You want the logo to represent the values of your brand, while also showcasing what a consumer should expect to taste when enjoying your beer. 

When creating your craft brewery logo, you need to produce an image that will convey the experience your consumers will have when drinking your product.

It’s important to consider factors like your brand’s personality, your beer’s taste, and your target market. The answers to these factors will influence your packaging (beer, can, draft), color palette, shape, layout, typography, and imagery. Put all those together and, voila, your logo is complete.

Below you’ll find 50 of the best beer and brewery logos that really captured the essence of their brands and taste of their beers, learn about popular types of beer and brewery logos to inspire your logo creation, and compare digital tools to help design a logo when starting a new brewery.

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50 Best Beer and Brewery Logos in 2019

Here are 50 of the best beer and brewery logos on the market today that truly capture the brewery you’re buying into and the beer you’re drinking.

1. Against the Grain

Louisville, Kentucky

Angel’s Share Barrel House

2. Angel’s Share Barrel House

Turner, Oregon

Ardent Craft Ales

3. Ardent Craft Ales

Richmond, Virginia

Boiler Brewing Company

4. Boiler Brewing Company

Lincoln, Nebraska

Boomtown Brewery

5. Boomtown Brewery

Los Angeles, California

Bottle Logic Brewing Co.

6. Bottle Logic Brewing Co.

Anaheim, California


7. Brewdog

Ellon, Scotland

Camden Town Brewery

8. Camden Town Brewery

London, UK

Cervecería Sagrada

9. Cervecería Sagrada

Valle del Cauca, Colombia

Cigar City Brewing

10. Cigar City Brewing

Tampa, Florida

Coronado Brewing Co

11. Coronado Brewing Co

Coronado, California

Cute Hoor

12. Cute Hoor

Cork, Ireland

Dainton Brewery and Taphouse

13. Dainton Brewery and Taphouse

Carrum Downs, Victoria, Australia

Deep Brewing Co.

14. Deep Brewing Co.

Tallahassee, Florida

Delirium Tremens

15. Delirium Tremens

Melle, Belgium

Drink Me Brewing Company

16. Drink Me Brewing Company

Sibley, Ireland

Five Lamps Brewery

17. Five Lamps Brewery

Dublin, Ireland


18. Folks Craft Brewery

Porto Alegre, Brazil

Founders Brewing Co.

19. Founders Brewing Co.

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Foxtrots Hopyard

20. Foxtrots Hopyard

Hobart, Indiana


21. Guinness’s Porters

Dublin, Ireland


22. Upland Brewing Co.

Bloomington, Indiana


23. Lagunitas Brewing Company

Petaluma, California

Lagunitas Brewing Company’s Sumpin’ Easy,

24. Lagunitas Brewing Company’s Sumpin’ Easy

Petaluma, California


25. Lake Wilcox Brewing Co.

Ontario, Canada


26. Lamplighter Brewing Co.

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Lord Hobo Brewing Co.

27. Lord Hobo Brewing Co.

Woburn, Massachusetts

New Glarus Brewing Co.

28. New Glarus Brewing Co.

New Glarus, Wisconsin

Bell’s Brewery’s Oberon Ale

29. Bell’s Brewery’s Oberon Ale

Kalamazoo, Michigan

Lord Hobo Brewing Co.

30. Prairie Artisan Ales

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Revolution Brewing

31. Revolution Brewing

Chicago, Illinois

Revolution Brewing Anti-Hero IPA

32. Revolution Brewing Anti-Hero IPA

Chicago, Illinois

Russell Brewing Co

33. Russell Brewing Co's Angry Scotch Ale

Surrey, British Columbia

Scrappy Punk Brewing

34. Scrappy Punk Brewing

Snohomish, Washington

Ska Brewing Co.

35. Ska Brewing Co.

Durango, Colorado


36. Smithwicks

Kilkenny, Ireland

Southern Prohibition Brewing

37. Southern Prohibition Brewing

Hattiesburg, Mississippi

St. Stefanus

38. St. Stefanus

Gent, Belgium

SweetWater Brewery

39. SweetWater Brewery

Atlanta. Georgia

Three Floyds Brewing

40. Three Floyds Brewing

Munster, Indiana

The Gnarly Gnome

41. The Gnarly Gnome

Cincinnati, Ohio

Stein Brewing Company

42. Stein Brewing Company

Mt. Vernon, Ohio

Treehouse Brewing Co.

43. Treehouse Brewing Co.

Charlton, Massachusetts


44. Hopewell Brewing

Chicago, Illinois

Trouble Brewing

45. Trouble Brewing

Kildare, Ireland

Wayward Brewing Co.

46. Wayward Brewing Co.

Camperdown, New South Wales, Australia

White Gypsy

47. White Gypsy

Tipperary, Ireland

Wicked Barrel Brewery

48. Wicked Barrel Brewery

Neagra, Romania

Wicklow Wolf Brewing Co.

49. Wicklow Wolf Brewing Co.

Bray, Ireland

Voodoo Brewing Co.

50. Voodoo Brewing Co.

Meadville, Pennslyvania


Five Popular Types of Beer Logos

You’ve now seen 50 of the best beer and brewery logos, but if you’re still not sure which direction to take your beer/brewery logo in, listed below are a few types of beer logos to help steer you on the path to creating a logo that truly represents your brand.

1. Emblems and Badges


It’s simple. They look good on everything – a bottle, a can, a keg, a tap handle, a glass, maybe even a t-shirt, hoodie, or baseball cap. The more versatile the logo, the more opportunity for brand exposure, and the more likely someone is to think “why don’t I try that beer” next time they’re at a pub.  

Additionally, the shape of emblems and badges allows them to look good on various surfaces and textures, meaning the likelihood of logo distortion among different products is low – heightening the likelihood of brand recognition. 

While you may be thinking emblems and badges are “basic,” they actually offer the acknowledgment of tradition in the brewing world. Therefore, if you are aiming to open a hip and trendy brewery, but use an emblem or badge as the base of your logo, you’re getting the best of both worlds by representing your modern brand while commemorating the brewing history.

For reference, some of the best examples of this type of beer logo above include:

  1. Ardent Craft Ales
  2. Brewdog
  3. Camden Town Brewery
  4. Cigar City Brewing
  5. Coronado Brewing Co.
  6. Five Lamps Brewery
  7. Founders Brewing Co.
  8. Lord Hobo Brewing Co.
  9. New Glarus Brewing Co.
  10. Bell’s Brewery’s Oberon Ale
  11. Scrappy Punk Brewing
  12. Ska Brewing Co.
  13. Smithwicks
  14. Southern Prohibition Brewing
  15. SweetWater Brewery
  16. Three Floyds Brewing
  17. Stein Brewing Company
  18. Wayward Brewing Co.
  19. Wicked Barrel Brewery

2. Wood-Cut Logos

On the topic of tradition, another popular type of beer logo is one that follows the rustic-looking wood-cut logos from some of the world’s earliest breweries. 

Of course, today they aren’t actually cut from wood, but they still follow that unique, simplistic style that anyone would recognize. 

This form of logo can be based on an emblem or badge, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, many are not because of the difficulty of cutting an emblem or badge into wood. However, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t look good on a great number of products – it just may have to be more closely monitored for distortion among products. 

A major benefit to wood-cut logos is that it gives that traditional, historical vibe that many beer connoisseurs love. If this is the vibe you hope to convey and consumers you’re looking to attract, a wood-cut style logo may be the perfect representation for your brewery. 

As mentioned, many beer connoisseurs love tradition. So much, in fact, that some of the best beer logos to date go back hundreds of years.

Some of the best examples listed above include:

  1. Cigar City Brewing
  2. Deep Brewing Co.
  3. Guinness’s Porters
  4. Lake Wilcox Brewing Co.
  5. Lamplighter Brewing Co.
  6. Prairie Artisan Ales
  7. Russell Brewing Co’s Angry Scotch Ale
  8. St. Stefanus
  9. Treehouse Brewing Co.
  10. Trillium Brewing Company
  11. White Gypsy

3. Ingredient-Themed Logos

Every brew is made different. However, some beers are known for their strong potency in one particular ingredient. If that’s the case for your beer, and the goal is to tell the consumers what to expect from first to last drop, what better way to tell them than include that ingredient in your logo!

For example, hops are an important ingredient in many beers. So, for those beers that are particularly hoppy-flavored, such as IPAs, it isn’t a bad idea to have a hops-themed logo.

Another instance could be citrus-flavored beers. If a consumer is scanning the bar tap handles for a fruity beer, and your logo has oranges on it, it’s likely you’ll become a top runner in the picking.

There’s no easier way to tell consumers the experience they’ll have drinking your beer than putting the most potent flavor on the label.

Some examples of this from the 50 best beer and brewery logos are:

  1. Boiler Brewing Company
  2. Foxtrots Hopyard
  3. Hangar 24 Craft Brewing’s Orange Wheat Ale
  4. Lake Wilcox Brewing Co.
  5. Prairie Artisan Ales
  6. Revolution Brewing
  7. Revolution Brewing’s Anti-Hero IPA
  8. The Gnarly Gnome

4. Equipment-Themed Logos

Similar to ingredient-themed logos, using a logo that signifies a key step in the brewing process of your beer is a great way to show consumers a bit of the background of what they’re drinking. 

Most beers are made with similar brewhouse equipment, such as fermenters, and stored in kegs, barrels, or even kept safe in brite tanks. 

Including a significant piece of brewery equipment you use can be beneficial to your brand, as it gives the consumers knowledge on the making of your product, making them feel closer and more included in your brand. 

These are a few of the best beer and brewery logos listed above that incorporate their brewhouse equipment in their logos:

  1. Angel’s Share Barrel House
  2. Boiler Brewing Company
  3. Drink Me Brewing Company
  4. Three Floyds Brewing

5. Beer Symbol Logos

A classic logo design for beer, of course, includes an iconic beer symbol, such as a pint or stein. While this option is less descriptive than the others, it doesn’t fail to tell the consumer exactly what they’re getting: some good ‘ol beer. 

This could be a good option for breweries with a wide variety of beers that wants a general logo to capture the essence of them all. 

Some beer and brewery logos that have excelled with the use of a classic beer symbol logo include:

  1. Bottle Logic Brewing Co. 
  2. St. Stefanus
  3. Three Floyds Brewing
  4. The Gnarly Gnome
  5. Stein Brewing Company
  6. Wicked Barrel Brewery

Design Tools to Make Your Own Brewery Logo

Now that you’ve seen 50 inspirational examples of beer and brewery logos and gotten a glimpse into various types of beer logos and how you can use them to your advantage, it’s time to start getting to work on your own beer/brewery logo. 

While you and your partners or graphic designers may have already scratched some logo ideas on napkins at the pub, when it comes time to actually creating a draft of your logo, you’ll need a reliable tool that you feel comfortable using time and time again. 

Below are three tools that may just do the trick.

1. Canva

Canva is a graphic design tool that uses drag-and-drop tactics that allow you to edit photographs, graphics, fonts, and create your own vector graphics. 

It is easy-to-use, so if you don’t have a professional graphic designer at your disposal, you will still be able to get the hang of it quite quickly!

Canva does have a free option, but if you want access to all the features, you’ll likely need to join Canva Pro or Canva Pro for enterprise – depending on how big your design team is. 

Regular Canva Pro is listed at $12.99 per team member monthly.

2. Photoshop

Probably the most known of the three, Adobe Photoshop is a classic tool for graphic editing that is used by millions of graphic designers today. 

Photoshop is great at exporting images into a variety of different file types, including PNG, JPEG, GIF, and more. 

While Photoshop is available on tablets and desktops, making it a handy tool to use on the go, it can be a bit trickier to get the hang of – especially when looking to create your own images. 

Additionally, Photoshop is a more expensive option, costing $27 per month.

3. InDesign

While Adobe InDesign is typically used for page layout designs, it can also be used to create logos, depending on the type of logo.

If used, it can double as a resource for marketing materials, such as advertisements and the creation of brand stickers, posters, and more. 

Similar to Photoshop, InDesign is on the pricier side, costing $27 per month.

It’s Time to Design Your Brewery Logo

You now have all the starter-kit tools to design an awesome logo for your new beer/brewery.

With inspiration from 50 of the best beer and brewery logos, plus the types of beer logo approaches you can take and the tools to bring your logo ideas to life, you’re ready to start designing and share your beer with all of us. To that, we say cheers! 


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