The Importance of Brewers Guilds (+List of All Guilds)


The Importance of Brewers Guilds (+List of All Guilds)

April 06, 2020


Craft brewing is more than a business venture, it’s also a lifestyle and passion. That is reflected in how tight-knit the craft brewing industry is.

What We’ll Cover in This Article

Opening a new brewery is intimidating, and it doesn’t stop at the grand opening. The daily operations of running a successful taproom is overwhelming.

That’s where brewers guilds and associations come in.

What Is a Brewers Guild?

Brewers guilds are nonprofit organizations that are created to protect all craft brewers and breweries in a state or city, as well as bring together and promote the best interest of local craft brewery owners, managers, and influencers.

How Do Brewers Guilds Help Its Members?

Brewers guilds and associations help brewery owners and those who have an interest in the craft brewing industry in three main ways: protecting and promoting its breweries best interests in local politics, providing a community for its members, and to provide general beer and business resources for its members.

Guilds act similar to unions, as they promote equal laws for breweries, push more effective beer policies in local government, protect fair tax codes for taprooms, and protect owners and employees of craft breweries.

Guilds also provides a safe space for taproom owners, managers, employees, and influencers in its area to create a community of like-minded brewers. It allows guilds to facilitate conversations and introductions between its local members to learn from one another. This can include forums, webinars, member highlights, and more.

Many associations and brewers guilds have expanded their services to help their members gain more exposure and learn new skills. Guilds publish new content on their blogs with advice on how to run, promote, and manage a brewery, host in-person and virtual events for breweries, and offer advertising and marketing opportunities for products and services that target brewery owners.

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How to Join a Brewers Guild

Joining your local guild is a crucial step in forming strong relationships with others in the craft-beer industry who have faced the same challenges and problems you will encounter. 

Here is how to join your state’s brewers guild:

Step 1 – Find Your Local Guild

You’ll first need to find the brewers guild that represents your state or region. Each state has at least one guild, with larger states having separate guilds for its larger regions. 

You can find your local guild further down this article in our list of all US brewers guilds.

Step 2 – Get In Contact with Your Guild

Once you find your community’s guild, you’ll need to reach out to the member manager. Most guild websites have a form submission or contact email to reach out and get your brewery into their system – as well as a pitch on everything their guild provides for its members.

Step 3 – Pay Your Member Dues & Fees

Guilds are funded by member dues paid by its members. Fees can range depending on the guild, and some  offer different levels of membership that each have their own price. Be sure to take care of your member dues, as you won’t benefit from your membership until that is paid.

Step 4 – Introduce Yourself

You’re now a part of your local brewers guild! Be sure to ask your contact how you can get the most of your membership – and be sure to introduce yourself to the entire guild community!

List of All Brewers Guilds in All 50 States


Alabama Brewers Guild


Brewers Guild of Alaska


Arizona Craft Brewers Guild


Arkansas Brewers Guild

  • 501-765-2469
  • Sylvia Blain – executivedirectorabg@gmail.com


Bay Area Brewers Guild

California Craft Brewers Association

San Diego Brewers Guild

Los Angeles Brewers Guild


Colorado Brewers Guild


Connecticut Craft Brewers Guild

District of Columbia

DC Brewers’ Guild


Delaware Brewers Guild

  • (302) 270-2705
  • Kim Wilson – kim@ruggeriowillson.com


Florida Brewers Guild


Georgia Craft Brewers Guild


Aloha Brewers Guild

Hawaiian Craft Brewers Guild


Idaho Brewers United


Illinois Craft Brewers Guild


Brewers of Indiana Guild


Iowa Brewers Guild


Kansas Craft Brewers Guild

  • (316) 440-4885
  • Jeremy Horn – jhorn@wichitabrew.com


Kentucky Guild of Brewers


Louisiana Craft Brewers Guild


Maine Brewers Guild


Brewers Association of Maryland


Massachusetts Brewers Guild, Inc.


Michigan Brewers Guild


Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild


Mississippi Brewers Guild

  • (601) 985-7979
  • Matthew McLaughlin – matthew@mclaughlinpc.com


Missouri Small Brewers Guild


Montana Brewers Association


Nebraska Craft Brewers Guild


Nevada Craft Brewers Association

New Hampshire

New Hampshire Brewers Association

New Jersey

New Jersey Brewers Association

New Mexico

New Mexico Brewers Guild

New York

New York State Brewers Association

New York City Brewers Guild

North Carolina

North Carolina Craft Brewers Guild

North Dakota

North Dakota Brewers Guild


Ohio Craft Brewers Association


Craft Brewers Association of Oklahoma


Oregon Brewers Guild


Brewers of Pennsylvania

Rhode Island

Rhode Island Brewers Guild

South Carolina

South Carolina Brewers Guild

South Dakota

South Dakota Craft Brewers Guild

  • (605) 789-3822
  • Derek Fernholz – derek@fernson.com


Tennessee Craft Brewers Guild


Texas Craft Brewers Guild


Utah Brewers Guild


Vermont Brewers Association


Virginia Craft Brewers Guild


Washington Brewers Guild

Washington Beer Commission

West Virginia

West Virginia Craft Brewers Guild

  • (304) 376-3607
  • Aaron Rote – info@wvbrewersguild.com


Wisconsin Brewers Guild


Wyoming Craft Brewers Guild

Is your guild not listed? Email levi@2ndkitchen.com to have your brewers guild or association added.

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