60+ Black & Latinx-Owned Breweries in 2021

60+ Black & Latinx-Owned Breweries in 2021
June 9, 2020 Levi Olmstead

We have for too long ignored the social inequities created from our country’s past. And still,  unfair systems, institutions, frameworks, and injustices take advantage of BIPOC in America and leave them behind – in every part of our society.

We must work to make America a more equitable place for the black, brown, trans, and other communities we have left behind. We must listen to and support the black and brown voices and businesses in our communities while confronting racial problems in ourselves and in our white culture.

The Absence of POC in the Craft Brewing Industry

Black Americans are 13.4% of the US population and a Brewers Association survey showed that Black Americans make up a similar percent – 12% – of craft beer drinkers. So why is there a huge disparity among black-owned breweries in the US?

In 2018, there were over 6,300 craft breweries in the United States. Mike Potter – founder of Black Brew Culture – estimated only around 50 of those were owned by Black Americans. That is less than 1%.

The craft brewing industry is inherently white wrote Dr. J. Nikol Jackson-Beckham, the first diversity ambassador at the Brewers Association, in her piece titled “The Unbearable Whiteness of Brewing” that has been shared by allies throughout the craft brewing community.

A few factors mentioned include:

  • The overall institutionalized racism of owning property and businesses in America
  • The influence the alcohol industry has had on the types of beer and spirits advertised to Black communities
  • The inherent gentrification craft breweries and distilleries have on poor neighborhoods

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The #BlackIsBeautiful Initiative

The Black Is Beautiful campaign is a collaborative initiative among the brewing community in an attempt to bring awareness to the injustices that many people of color face daily by brewing a new recipe from the Weathered Souls Brewing Company.

They ask participating breweries to donate 100% of proceeds to local foundations that support police brutality reform and legal defenses for those who have been wronged, organizations that support equity and inclusive of POC, and commit to the ongoing support of equity and justice in America.

63+ Black & Latin-Owned Craft Breweries in the US

Our goal with this article is to show the inequities POC experience in America – across all parts of our society including craft brewing – and to showcase the breweries owned by Black and Latinx Americans.

Here is a running list of 63+ craft breweries owned by Black and Latinx Americans in 2020:





District of Columbia









New Jersey

New Mexico

New York

North Carolina








**If you are a BIPOC and own a brewery that isn’t included on this list, or you know of one that is missing from our list, please let us know by emailing levi@2ndkitchen.com – we will be continuously updating this list as we are made aware of new breweries.


Special thanks to Black Beer Travelers and Todd Alstrom of Beer Advocate for their existing resources that highlight breweries owned by POC in the US that gave us a starting point and reference for this article.

Additionally, here is an interactive map of craft breweries, craft-spirit creators, and craft-alcohol influencers with diverse backgrounds curated by Black Beer Travelers:

BIPOC Organizations in the Craft Brewing Community

  • Black Beer Travelers – A community to support the craft beer and spirits community.
  • Black and Brew Chicago – Chicago-nonprofit organization to promote diversity in the brewing community through education.
  • Black Brew Culture – A Facebook community covering and promoting diversity in America’s craft beer community.
  • Black Is Beautiful – Collaborative initiative in the brewery community to raise awareness for the social injustices POC face through a new line of beer that proceeds go back to supporting underprivileged communities.
  • Craft Beer For All – A community working to make a more inclusive and equitable craft beer community complete with content, resources, discounts, and services.

We will be continuously adding new organizations, initiatives, and resources to his list – contact levi@2ndkitchen.com to have your organization added to this list.

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