7 Best Winery POS Systems in 2021

7 Best Winery POS Systems in 2021
April 20, 2020 Levi Olmstead

For entrepreneurs opening a new winery, researching and selecting a POS system for their new winery is one of the most crucial decisions that will be made. 

The right winery point-of sale – or POS system -provides a unified hub for managing all aspects of a winery from wine production, bottle, distributing, and on-site sales and payment processing.

The Best Winery Tasting Room & DTC-Sales POS Systems

  1. WineDirect
  2. Revel Systems
  3. ShopKeep
  4. Lavu
  5. Upserve
  6. Xudle
  7. VinNow

Additionally, these POS systems built with winery owners in mind provide a suite of tools to better the customer experience, including loyalty programs, online reservations and waitlisting, and selling wine online.


While there are hundreds of POS systems available for craft wineries, it’s recommended that vineyards utilize one of the winery-specific POS systems to ensure that their specific industry problems are solved with a POS system.

7 Best Winery POS Systems for Vineyards in 2021

Here are the 7 best POS systems for wineries in 2020 based upon user reviews and their position in the winery industry.


1. WineDirect

Rating: 3.3 out of 5 stars

Pricing: DTC Starter Plan starts at $79/month, a 2% commission fee on sales, and allows wineries to sell up to $200,000 in direct-to-customer sales. Additionally, the DTC Pro Plan starts at $199/month, a 1% commission fee on sales, and up to $2,000,000 is direct-to-customer sales.

WineDirect is a SaaS (software-as-a-solution) provider for wineries to manage everything in their business, as well as the fulfillment of DTC (direct-to-consumer) e-commerce wine orders. The company also offers a winery-specific POS system that runs through a mobile-first platform with the ability to run on any browser type.

The POS system also provides winery owners with inventory management features, list segmentation for building email and SMS texts to their customers, and insights into sales numbers and popularity of their winery’s products.


2. Xudle

Rating: n/a

Pricing: $199/month, $1000 setup fee, no transaction fee, up to $10,000/month in sales.

Xudle is an all-in-one winery solution for managing transactions, vineyard visits, and selling wine online. Similar to WineDirect, the core concept of Xudle is its DTC (direct-to-customer) features allowing wineries to sell their wine directly to customers and ship the product to their home. It also allows wineries to manage their club management and wine of the month subscriptions, fulfill shipments, and offer loyalty programs.

It’s point-of-sale features help wineries manage all on-site and online sales. Xudle requires hardware and physical kiosks, and work similarly to how POS kiosks in popular bars and restaurants work.


3. Revel Systems

Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars

Pricing: $99/month per terminal, a flat processing fee, and installation starting at $649.

Revel Systems offers POS solutions for a range of industries, including craft wineries and vineyards. The company’s winery specific solution is Revel Winery POS and helps manage wineries production and quality assurance, inventory control for restocking low products, manage customer data through a CRM, and handle transactions on-site and online.

The platform’s core point-of-sale features are robust, including the ability to split bills, preauthorize large tabs, and conduct your winery’s tasting room experience. Revel’s hardware comes with iPad systems, self-serving kiosks, stands, barcode scanners, and receipt printers.


4. ShopKeep POS

Rating: 3.9 out of 5 stars

Pricing: Contact for custom quotes

ShopKeep is a respected POS brand for the retail industry, but also has a POS platform that is built for wineries. ShopKeep Winery POS helps vineyard owners track their wine inventory, capture customer emails for marketing campaigns, and report accounting and sales metrics to understand your winery’s financials better.

ShopKeep for Wineries’ transaction features give wineries the tools to print barcodes for wine bottle, customize wine bottle packaging, print or email receipts, manage online ordering, split bills, and more.


5. Lavu POS

Rating: 3.3 out of 5 stars

Pricing: $69/month per iPad terminal

Lavu is POS system popular among restaurants that are run on iPads. It’s winery specific product, Lauv Winery POS, is a 100% cloud-based system, allowing wineries to save space without having to have large, outdated terminals and better security.

Lavu for wineries also allows owners to customize their entire physical and online menu, manage online ordering, and has an easy-to-use payment processing system.


6. Upserve POS

Rating: 4.0 out of 5 stars

Pricing: $59/month plus $60 per terminal

Upserve is one of the biggest players in the POS industry, with solutions for restaurants, bars, breweries – including its Upserve Winery POS (formerly known as Breadcrumb.)

Upserve Winery POS focuses on two core concepts for wineries: providing the best customer check-out experience and setting owners up with transparent sales reporting to understand the ROI of everything happening at their vineyard.

Its robust payment processing features include pre-authorized bills, split checks, mobile kiosks, and more.


7. VinNOW

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Pricing: $99/month plus a $600 one-time setup fee

VinNOW is another DTC and POS software for wineries that helps manage both on-site and e-commerce winery sales. Its direct-to-consumer features help wineries manage e-commerce orders including those subscribed to their wine of the month club, and stay compliant doing so.

VenNOW’s POS features have two core components, one for retail-focused wineries and one for restaurant-style wineries. It provides features for pre-authorization, wine-by-the-glass ordering, tabs and ticket-splitting, and more.

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Key Features & Benefits of POS Systems for Wineries

For new winery owners researching POS systems for the first, or for current owners looking to upgrade their vineyard’s technology, here are the core features of winery POS systems to be aware of.

DTC Sales & Fulfillment

What makes wineries’ POS needs different from other service-based industries is the need for a solution to manage and fulfill e-commerce wine orders, including staying compliant with each state’s laws on shipping alcohol.

On-Site Transactions & Payment Processing

The core concept of all POS systems is transaction management and payment processing. Research each product to see if they can handle winery-specific needs such as pre-authorization, bill splitting, mobile payments such as Apple Pay, and more.

Inventory Management

POS systems help wineries stay on top of their vineyard’s essential inventory. That includes managing all the ingredients and equipment needed to make their product, as well as stock levels on their wine inventory itself.

Menu Management

Winery POS systems help winery owners create physical and online menus. Instead of needing to go to a marketing or design agency to help update a new menu item price or introduce a whole new line of wine to your menu, many POS systems have integrated features allowing wineries to update those right in the POS system.

Customer Marketing

Winery owners can lean on their POS systems to help drive returning customers to their wineries through marketing features. The core POS marketing features for wineries include email capture at checkout, allowing wineries to create customer loyalty programs and basic email marketing campaigns.

Sales Reporting

Winery POS software systems help vineyards manage their financials, allowing for easy navigation and presentation of basic accounting, sales, and customer data to see the overall health of your winery and benchmark trends for sales forecasting for years to come.

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