6 Best Beer Bottle Labeling Machines in 2021

6 Best Beer Bottle Labeling Machines in 2021
November 26, 2019 Levi Olmstead
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If homebrewing is becoming more than a hobby for you, or if you’re already running a a new craft brewery business, you may be starting to think about creating labels for your bottles.

Adding a visual component to your brand can help you showcase your brand’s unique value to the world. A well-designed label could make your brand more recognizable to your past customers the next time they run into your product or attract newcomers if they’re encountering your brews for the first time. 

What Are the Best Beer Labeling Machines in 2019?

    1. The Label Wizard
    2. Mophorn MT-50 Round Bottle Labeling Machine
    3. BestEquip LT-50S Labeling Machine
    4. Primera AP362 Label Applicator
    5. START International LAB01 Manual Bottle Label Applicator
    6. Take-A-Label 1100M/R

Once you’ve got a brewery logo and design that really fits your vision and your printing’s all sorted, you’ll want to consider a bottle labeling machine. It can be all too easy as a business owner to want to do every little task yourself, but sometimes delegating more tedious tasks, especially to technology, will take a huge load off your shoulders. You’ve got other things to spend that energy on. 

Because bottles and labels both come in so many different shapes and sizes, it can be difficult to do match everything up by sight alone. A beer bottle labeler can take a lot of trouble and inaccuracy out of the mix. It allows you to make sure all your labels are uniform, well-aligned, and bubble-free! They can save you the time and energy of hand-labeling, and leave you with the most desirable result: a consistently professional-looking product. 

There are a variety of bottle labelers on the market right now, so research is essential before purchase. If you take the time to determine your needs (think budget, rate of production, storage space, etc.) before you begin your research journey, you might find that the variety will allow you to make the absolute best choice for your exact needs.

6 Best Beer Labeling Machines

From big, commercial-grade labelers to smaller, more beginner-friendly ones, there’s a beer bottle labeler to fit every brewer’s needs.


1. The Label Wizard

If you’re looking to improve your application accuracy, but not quite ready for a large-scale operation, The Label Wizard could be a good fit for you. This manual bottle label applicator is ideal for smaller bottles. It has a Label Carriage which gives you the stability for straight and level label placement.

This machine, like many of the others, can also double as a wine bottle labeler and has a Hi-Boy carriage option for larger bottles and jars. You can see all models of The Label Wizard on their website, here.

Mophorn MT-50 Round Bottle Labeling Machine

2. Mophorn MT-50 Round Bottle Labeling Machine

A bit pricier at over $350, this round bottle labeling machine is adjustable and made of stainless steel. 

The MT-50 has a high-power motor and an adjustable paper tray and has a built-in “high-precision sensor” which allows the labeling machine to control the labels and case to place the labels more precisely. It is suitable for bottles made of all types of materials as long as they’re round. You can find the Mophorn MT-50 and similar Mophorn models on Amazon.

BestEquip LT-50S Labeling Machine

3. BestEquip LT-50S Labeling Machine

This semi-automatic beer bottle labeler is also made for round bottles and priced at just over $400. The stainless steel Best-Equip LT-50S has a digital display and a PLC computer chip which ensures high-accuracy alignment of the labels for every application. You can find this beer bottle label applicator on Amazon, here.

Primera AP362 Label Applicator

4. Primera AP362 Label Applicator

Primera’s AP362 is an advanced semi-automatic bottle labeler that can apply two labels to a bottle at a time. Its spring-loaded pressure arm helps ensure all labels are applied smoothly and precisely. And last, but not least, the most impressive feature of this machine may be the speed – it can apply up to 1200 labels per hour. You can find more details about the Primera AP362 Label Applicator on their website.

START International LAB01 Manual Bottle Label Applicator

5. START International LAB01 Manual Bottle Label Applicator

START International LAB01 is a heavy-duty manual bottle label applicator that will work well for smaller-scale operations. This is a pricier manual applicator, but it is very easy to use. Priced at over $600, it is adjustable so you can use it to label round items between half an inch, all the way up to 6.5 inches in diameter. The body is made from strong powder-coated aluminum so you know it’s durable. You can find this product along with additional specification information on Amazon.

Take-A-Label 1100M/R

6. Take-A-Label 1100M/R

The TAL-1100M/R is a durable stainless steel labeler made for round bottles up to 5” wide or 7” with an optional extension. Its open carriage design allows users to easily load bottles into the applicator for a smooth and precise application. The machine costs just under $700. You can find more information about this and otherTake-A-Label Round Label Applicators at their website, here.

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Reasons You Need a Beer Label Applicator

It’s worth it to invest in a bottle labeler because they make the overall label application process much easier and more efficient, improving your overall return on investment matters. There is a huge price range for these machines, but no matter which one you choose, you should be able to continue using it for your crowlers and growlers for years.

Most of these labeling machines can also be used to label all different sorts of bottles and jars, so you can continue to use them if you choose to expand your product offerings.

Choosing the right machine for you all depends on your needs. Be realistic about the scale of your operation – does it make sense to spring for something like the Primera AP362? Or would the LabelWizard fit your needs?

Do you need a semi-automatic beer bottle labeling machine to label hundreds of bottles a day or can you get away with a manually operated one? 

Semi-automatic bottle labelers can save you tons of time and really do make sense if you are running a regularly-operating business. If your homebrewing fits better into the categories of hobby or passion, a simpler manual machine might be just what you need.

Pick the labeler that makes the most sense for your business and you’ll be glad you made the investment.

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