22+ Alcohol Delivery & Online Sales Statistics (2021)

22+ Alcohol Delivery & Online Sales Statistics (2021)
April 9, 2020 Levi Olmstead

As COVID-19 closes liquor stores, bars, and taprooms, those in the beer, wine, and liquor production industry are forced to sell alcohol online. There was also momentum behind the online alcohol and delivery movement before the pandemic as well, with startups like Drizly leading the disruption. 

One of the biggest blockers for the growth of e-commerce alcohol sales and delivery has been that each state, and sometimes city or country, have different laws on the sale and fulfillment of beer, wine, and spirits. However, with craft-alcohol businesses being forced to close down all taprooms and the majority of in-person sales, brewers guilds nationwide are pushing on local and state governments to make immediate changes to alcohol delivery laws.

Regulations have held the industry back, but there has already been steady growth over the past few years. Moving forward, the alcohol delivery and online ordering landscape will change. 

We explore statistics on overall online alcohol industry sales, popular brands delivering alcohol, demographics and liquor popularity for DTC delivery, and more.

Online Alcohol Sales Trends & Statistics

  • Online beer, liquor, and wine delivery sales grew 32.7% in 2017 (RakutenIntelligence)
  • The online beer, wine, and liquor industry in the US is a $983 million industry (IBISWorld)
  • Online alcohol delivery sales account for only 1.8% of all alcohol sales (IBISWorld)
  • The average year over year growth from 2014-2019 for the online alcohol delivery industry was 11.6% (IBISWorld)
  • In 2017, the online alcohol industry grew its total sales an average of 3% each month (Pymnts)
  • This may be because wine delivery is perfectly legal in nearly all states, while only 13 states protect alcohol delivery and just 5 authorize the delivery of all alcoholic sports (Business Insider
  • December brings in more revenue than any other month on average, bringing in 12% of the entire years sales (RakutenIntelligence)

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Statistics on Popular Alcohol E-Commerce & Delivery Brands

  • The alcohol delivery industry is framented, with 9 companies owning at least 2% of the market share (OneSpace)
  • The leading retailer in online alcohol sales is Wine.com, making up 19.31% of all online alcohol sales, followed closely by Drizly at 19.16% (RakutenIntelligence)
  • Drizly had an estimated online sales revenue of $11.9 million in 2017 (DigitalCommerce360)
  • Drizly’s revenue grew 161% from 2016 to 2017 (DigitalCommerce360)
  • As of March 2020, Drizly was available in 180 US markets (Craft Brewing Business)


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Statistics on the Most Popular Alcohol Brands & Types for Delivery

  • Wine accounts for 65% of all online alcohol sales, followed by hard liquor at 21.2% and beer at 13.8% (RakutenIntelligence)
  • Red wines leads the all wines in terms of online sales at 37% of all sales, followed by white wines at 18.2% (RakutenIntelligence)
  • Cabernet Sauvignon leads all types of wine varietals in online sales, making up for 13.9% of all online wine sales (RakutenIntelligence)
  • Tito’s was the most popular spirit to be delivered in 2017, making up for 3% of total alcohol delivery sales (Pymnts)

Online Beer, Liquor, & Wine Delivery Demographic Statistics

  • Online alcohol delivery companies employeed over 1,200 Americans in 2017 (IBISWorld)
  • Women make up 55% of alcohol delivery sales (RakutenIntelligence)
  • 75% of all online alcohol and delivery sales are for Millenials, with the most represented age being 27 (Drizly)

Statistics on COVID-19’s Impact on Alcohol Delivery

  • Drizly’s sales grew 2x from the second to the third week of March 2020, and 3.5x from the third to fourth week (Craft Brewing Business)
  • Customers are spending an average of 30% more on Drizly orders (Craft Brewing Business)
  • Wine and liquor online delivery sales are growing 2x faster than beer sales (Craft Brewing Business)

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