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  • hotel-in-room-tablets

    9 Best Guest In-Room Tablets for Hotels (2021)

    Moving into the future, more and more hoteliers are seeing the benefit of incorporating new technology to maximize guest experience…

  • hotel-guest-issues

    9 Common Guest Complaints in Hotels (+Tips to Resolve Them)

    Hotel industry professionals know travelers book their hotel stays for a variety of reasons, but no matter their reason for…

  • room-service-software-for-hotels-to-manage-guest-food-orders

    6 Best Room Service Apps for Hotels (2021)

    Room service and in-room dining for guests have been a part of the hotel experience for decades. However, for many…

  • bbl-beer-barrel-production-breweries

    What Is BBL in the Craft Beer Brewing Industry?

    Craft breweries are categorized into different types of breweries by the size of their brewing house – which also plays…

  • craft-brewing-industry-trends

    8 Craft Beer & Brewery Trends to Watch (2021)

    The past year has changed everything – including a wholesale transformation for the craft brewing industry. COVID’s impact forced breweries…

  • comparing-best-channel-management-software-for-hotels

    11 Best Channel Managers for Hotels (2021)

    Travelers rarely head straight to a hotel’s website to book their stay. Rather, travelers are more inclined to search for…

  • hotel_Brands_Loyalty_Programs

    Hotelier’s Guide to Guest Loyalty & VIP Programs (2021)

    Customer loyalty can be the key to a thriving business, especially in the hospitality industry.  Many major hotel and hospitality…

  • contactless-mobile-check-in-hotel-guests

    7 Best Contactless Guest Check-In Tools for Hotels (2021)

    Back in 2015, 60% of hotel guests said they are more likely to book with a hotel that allows guests…

  • event-RFP-for-hotels

    5 Best Hotel RFP Software to Win More Bids (2021)

    For hotel properties that target group deals and host corporate events, managing the sales funnel for inbound corporate deals from…

  • creating-a-hotel-beo

    What is a Banquet Event Order? +Free BEO Template

    For hotels that host corporate events, managing onsite events can be a challenge. Every event presents unique challenges for hotel…

  • how-to-improve-hotel-adr

    What Is a Good Average Daily Rate (ADR) for Hotels?

    Average daily rate (or ADR) is one of the most important metrics hoteliers use to evaluate their hotel’s performance. Everyone…

  • ancillary-revenue-hotel-food-and-beverage-ideas

    6 Proven Ancillary Revenue Ideas for Hotels (2021)

    2020 showed us that you can never be complacent in your hotel’s revenue strategy. Regardless of if your hotel has…

  • butler-hospitality-review

    Butler Hospitality Review, Pricing, & Comparison (2021)

    Based in New York City, Butler Hospitality provides in-room dining services for hotels with its Room Service by Butler offering.…

  • best-bar-food-menu-ideas

    How to Create a Popular Bar Food Menu (+Cost)

    For bar and tavern owners, creating a food menu is a great way to attract new customers, drive revenue, and…

  • masks-robots-hospitality-trends

    10 Hospitality Trends for Hoteliers to Watch in 2021

    2020 started with high hopes for the hospitality industry and quickly became a year-to-forget, as the COVID-19 pandemic shut down…

  • virtual-restaurant

    How to Launch a Successful Virtual Restaurant (2021)

    Even before the age of COVID-19, online ordering and delivery for restaurants had been booming for years. Today, many restaurants…

  • Continential-Breakfast-food-service

    How to Add Continental Breakfast to Your Hotel (2021)

    Like other food and beverage services at hotels – such as guest room service, in-room mini-bars, and on-site restaurants- a…

  • welcoming-new-residents

    How to Write a Tenant Welcome Letter (+Free Template)

    Start building your relationship with your residents even before they become part of your multifamily community by providing them with…

  • example-of-room-service-in-hotel

    Hotel Manager’s Guide to Room Service in 2021

    For the hospitality industry, on-demand dining services have been a staple nearly as long as hotels have been in existence.…

  • leed-certification-101

    What Is LEED Certification? (+Requirements, Benefits, Cost)

    Every year, we learn more and more how crucial it is to make use of environmentally responsible practices in just…

  • how-to-stage-an-apartment

    11 Tips for Staging Your Apartment Rentals (+Free Checklist)

    Staging a property is a common occurrence for those selling a home. It provides a great first impression of a…

  • statistics-for-property-managers

    47+ Must-Read Property Management Statistics in 2021

    As we move into 2021, there are a lot of unknowns in the property management industry. How long will it…

  • local-seo-for-hotels

    Local SEO For Hotels: 11 Tips to Dominate Search (2021)

    Search engine optimization (SEO) for hotels is one of the best ways to ensure a consistent stream of new customers…

  • resident-referral-programs-for-apartment-communities

    How to Build a Killer Resident Referral Program (+5 Examples)

    Referral programs are useful tools for all sorts of businesses to grow a customer base and promote brand recognition and…

  • renewing-apartment-lease

    Ultimate Guide to Lease Renewals in 2021 (+Free Template)

    When a lease is ending, both the property manager (or landlord) and tenant have to decide if renewing that lease…

  • virtual-leasing-for-property-managers

    A Property Manager’s Guide to Virtual Leasing (2021)

    COVID-19 posed a massive challenge for all industries. The pandemic forced businesses to develop ways of operating in a contactless,…

  • food-truck-event-for-residents

    37+ Engaging Resident Event Ideas in 2021

    Looking for new ways to keep your residents excited about their community? Hosting exciting events for your residents is a…

  • property-manager-skills

    17 Tips to Be a More Successful Property Manager (2021)

    With 36 percent of all households renting in 2020, the emphasis on finding qualified property managers has never been higher.…

  • access-control-systems

    9 Best Access Control Systems in 2021

    Multifamily properties have specific criteria to address when implementing an access control system. The approach you take can make a…

  • property-access-control-systems

    What Is Property Access? (+5 Benefits of Access Control Systems)

    For as long as we’ve had multi-unit residential buildings, we’ve needed ways to manage property access for residents, staff, and…

  • apartment-amenities

    A Property Manager’s Guide to Apartment Amenities (2021)

    For renters in the process of apartment hunting, a community’s list of amenities is top of mind. WHAT WE’LL COVER:…

  • smart-apartment-device

    What Are Smart Apartments? +5 Examples of Smart Devices

    Smart home technology has increased in popularity in recent years as more smart devices come into the market every day.…

  • multifamily-video-intercom-system

    9 Best Video Intercom Systems for Apartments (2021)

    2020 has put a stress on the need for residential buildings to have a strong visitor management system in place…

  • accounting-for-property-managers

    8 Property Management Accounting Tips in 2020 (+Best Software)

    Property management companies rely on accurate, prompt, and detailed accounting and financial reporting to track, assess, and properly manage income,…

  • multifamily-tenant-retention

    11 Resident Retention Ideas for Multifamily Properties (2020)

    Resident retention is crucial to successful multifamily property management. Property managers understand that retaining a resident is just as crucial…

  • philly-taprooms

    20 Best Breweries in Philadelphia in 2021

    There’s no doubt about it, Philly loves beer. As the city has evolved, the brewing landscape has certainly changed –…

  • multifamily-property-management-software

    9 Best Multifamily Property Management Software in 2021

    Property managers have an incredibly complicated workload, especially when managing multifamily properties of 50 or more units. WHAT WE’LL COVER:…

  • multifamily-marketing

    21+ Marketing Tips for Multifamily Property Managers in 2020

    The multifamily market is becoming more and more competitive as the industry continues to grow and evolve.  Every year brings…

  • indianapolis-best-breweries

    20 Best Breweries in Indiana: A Hoosier’s Taproom Guide

    Indiana is known for basketball, racing, tenderloins, covered bridges – and recently craft beer. Indiana’s craft beer scene has never…

  • philadelphia-skyline

    20 Best Dive Bars in Philadelphia in 2021

    As any lively city, Philadelphia has shiny new establishments opening across the city – even in a post-COVID world. But…

  • multifamily-lobby-design

    10 Tips for Designing a Beautiful Multifamily Lobby (+10 Examples)

    The first thing residents, guests, or potential renter notice when they enter the building is the lobby. This is your…

  • texas-pub

    New Rule Allows Texas Bars to Remain Open by Serving Food

    In July, Texas restaurants were forced to reduce indoor seating capacities back down to 50 percent as COVID-19 spread throughout…

  • street-dining-covid-chicago

    Chicago’s Expanded Outdoor Dining Program for Bars & Breweries

    When facing the many challenges of reopening restaurants, bars, and breweries, Chicago introduced a new permit program – the Expanded…

  • tenant-screening-criteria

    13 Best Tenant Screening Services for Landlords in 2020

    Approving a lease application and entering into a rental agreement with a new tenant may seem like a run-of-the-mill task…

  • brewery-beer-tap-handle

    10 Best Beer Tap Handles for Bars in 2021 (+Cost)

    Beer tap handles might not seem like the biggest deal when you’re thinking about the design of your brewery or…

  • liquor-store-shelves

    How to Open a Successful Liquor Store in 2021 (+Cost)

    Alcohol sales in the United States is a multi-billion dollar a year industry. These types of businesses are highly regulated…

  • how-bars-price-beer

    How to Price Bottled, Craft, & Draft Beer (+8 Markup Tips)

    Pricing the beer in your bar or restaurant can be tricky — you want your customers to spend their time…

  • 2ndkitchen-qr-code-menus

    7 Best QR-Code Contactless Digital Menus for Restaurants

    In order to reopen from COVID-19, restaurants have had to create new policies and procedures in order to meet reopening…

  • beer-pong-game

    12 Best Beer Pong Tables in 2021 (Home & Bars)

    Beer pong has become one of the most essential drinking games for house parties, tailgates, and bars. WHAT WE’LL COVER:…

  • reopening-multifamily-amenities

    6 Best Multifamily Amenity Reservation Apps in 2020

    For large multifamily communities, COVID-19 has forced property managers to create new social distancing and safety procedures on the fly. …

  • managed-wifi-networks

    What Is Managed WiFi? (+Benefits, Examples, Best Providers)

    In 2020, consumers expect all businesses to have free, fast, reliable, and secure WiFi access. Offices rely on quick and…

  • black-owned-breweries

    60+ Black & Latinx-Owned Breweries in 2021

    We have for too long ignored the social inequities created from our country’s past. And still,  unfair systems, institutions, frameworks, and…

  • multifamily-rubs-utilities

    What Is RUBS Utility Billing? A Guide for Multifamily Properties

    For many multifamily and commercial properties, residents and tenants are billed monthly for their electricity bill, as well as the…

  • craft-brewery-covid-reopening-guidelines

    How to Meet Brewery Reopening Requirements by Serving Food

    COVID-19 has significantly disrupted the craft-brewing industry. 80% of breweries had to slow or completely stop production and the average…

  • gym-amenity-in-apartments

    Fitness Centers for Multifamily Communities (+Cost, Tips)

    Adding a fitness center amenity to your building is a great way to attract new residents and keep existing residents…

  • multifamily-real-estate-cap-rates

    What Is a Good Cap Rate for Multifamily Properties?

    When investing in multifamily properties, you’ll need to first understand how to measure common real estate financials to properly conduct…

  • proptech-smart-devices

    What Is PropTech? +History, Startups, Trends in 2021

    All aspects of our lives are undergoing a digital transformation. From software and automation to VR and machine learning –…

  • package-lockers-apartments

    7 Best Package Lockers for Residential Buildings in 2020

    With the growth of e-commerce, residential multifamily buildings have had to grapple with a new problem – receiving packages on…

  • package-management-software-mailooms

    7 Best Mailroom Management & Notification Software in 2020

    For most, inbound and outbound mail is delivered by a mail carrier to your doorstep or dropped off at a…

  • how-to-find-good-tenants

    How to Find Reliable Renters for Your Properties (2021)

    To have good tenants, your rentals need to be promoted effectively. You need to know the different ways on how…

  • landlord-notice-letter-for-increasing-tenant-rent

    How to Write a Rent Increase Letter (+Free Template)

    Time for your tenants to renew their lease? Perhaps you’ve been considering a rent increase, but you’re caught in a…

  • meal-box-subscription-statistics

    30 Disruptive Meal-Kit Service Statistics (2021)

    The food industry has undergone a transformation in the past ten years. From the rise of online ordering to the…

  • start-a-property-management-group

    How to Start a Property Management Company in 2020

    Owning and renting out a property is difficult work for independent landlords. Many new landlords who have bought an apartment…

  • tips-buying-apartment-building-to-rent-out

    How to Buy an Apartment Building in 2020 (+Cost)

    Buying apartment buildings is a lot more complex than purchasing single-family properties. You could even say the process of purchasing…

  • residential-multiperson-rental-trends

    8 Multifamily Housing Trends in 2021 (Post-COVID)

    In the last decade, the multifamily market has experienced hyper-growth in the number of overall renters, average cost of rent…

  • instagram-marketing-strategy-for-restaurants

    Instagram Marketing for Restaurants in 2020: (+Tips, Examples, Tools)

    The competition among restaurants is tough, so it’s no wonder that restaurant owners and marketers seek out new creative ways…

  • reopening-checklist

    Post-COVID Reopening Checklist for Bars & Breweries

    As we close in on the reopening phase of the global COVID-19 outbreak, states are beginning to set dates for…

  • lease-termination-letter

    How to Write a 30-Day Notice to Vacate Letter (+Free Template)

    As a landlord or landlady you will inevitably need to terminate a lease with your tenants at some point. Whether…

  • what-are-crowlers

    What Is a Crowler? (+Benefits of Crowlers vs. Growlers)

    As the popularity of craft beer exploded in the last decade, the demand for take-home beer has surged. Craft breweries…

  • no-contact-delivery

    How to Setup Contactless Delivery (+5 Examples)

    As COVID-19 continues to disrupt daily lives, restaurants have been forced to pivot to online orders to maintain a revenue…

  • property-management-proposal-example-template

    How to Write a Real Estate Proposal (+Free Template)

    As a real estate agent, there is only one thing that a client can say can make you both happy…

  • tenants-cant-pay-rent

    How Landlords Ethically Collect Rent During COVID-19

    COVID-19 continues to spread across the United States while many tenants and landlords are wondering, “how do I ethically collect…

  • food-delivery-apps

    5 Best Third-Party Delivery Services for Restaurants (2021)

    With online ordering growing 300% faster than dine-in service, a majority of restaurants have adopted delivery into their model. Then…

  • restaurant-bar-ppp-loan

    How to Apply for a PPP Loan Today (+Value, Eligibility)

    Although the coronavirus pandemic has plunged the world into recession, the US government is doing its best to help small…

  • best-winery-dtc-pos

    7 Best Winery POS Systems in 2021

    For entrepreneurs opening a new winery, researching and selecting a POS system for their new winery is one of the…

  • creating-vr-tours-apartments

    How to Make 360 Virtual Tours of Apartments (2021)

    In 2020, when most of the world goes digital, property managers will hardly impress prospective residents with standard images and…

  • mailing-alcohol

    How to Ship Alcohol Legally in All 50 States (2021)

    We live in a world of e-commerce, where we have everything from groceries to furniture to medicine – and everything…

  • simple-free-landlord-software

    13 Best Free Property Management Software in 2021

    Working in real estate and property management can be overwhelming. Property managers have to take on a great amount of…

  • rental-contract-agreement

    Free Basic Rental Agreement Template for Landlords

    If you’re a landlord looking for a basic rental agreement, we have you covered. Free Basic Rental Agreement Template for…

  • restaurant-sustainability-practices

    11 Sustainability Tips for Eco-Friendly Restaurants in 2020

    Being aware of the impact of our actions on the earth has become a priority for many people around the…

  • direct-to-consumer-alcohol-delivery

    22+ Alcohol Delivery & Online Sales Statistics (2021)

    As COVID-19 closes liquor stores, bars, and taprooms, those in the beer, wine, and liquor production industry are forced to…

  • yelp-advertising

    Yelp Advertising for Beginners: Tips, Cost, Examples

    Setting up a Yelp business listing helps online users search for local businesses, helping bring in new customers through customer…

  • contactless-pickup-to-go-orders

    How to Setup Contactless Pickup for To-Go Beer

    COVID-19 has redefined how breweries, distilleries, and wineries operate. With 75% of Americans now living in an area that is…

  • brewers-guilds

    The Importance of Brewers Guilds (+List of All Guilds)

    Craft brewing is more than a business venture, it’s also a lifestyle and passion. That is reflected in how tight-knit…

  • alcohol-delivery-laws

    How to Sell Alcohol Online (+Delivery Laws in All 50 States)

    Now more than ever, small businesses need to be versatile. Over the past few decades, the popularity of online shopping…

  • Wisconsin Breweries: How to Setup Beer Pickup and Drive-Thru During COVID-19

    To navigate the COVID-19 crisis, 2ndKitchen is here to help Wisconsin breweries setup a super easy (and legal) way to…

  • how-breweries-can-delivery-craft-beer

    5 Best Beer Delivery & To-Go Apps for Breweries

    As online ordering and delivery for restaurants become more popular with online ordering growing 300% faster than dine-in experiences, so…

  • google-my-business-for-restaurants

    How to Setup Your Google My Business Listing (+Optimization & Tips)

    What You’ll Learn in This Google My Business Guide: – Chapter 1: What Is Google My Business? – Chapter 2:…

  • residential-buildings-during-coronavirus

    13 Tips to Keep Residents Safe During COVID-19

    The novel coronavirus – now known as COVID-19 – has led to a global health crisis and pandemic. Americans have…

  • ghost-kitchen

    An Ultimate Guide to Ghost Kitchens in 2021

    Food delivery is on the rise in America. With the options of apps and websites, long gone are the days…

  • cost-starting-a-bar

    How Much Does It Cost to Open a Bar in 2021?

    It’s no secret that there’s a lot of competition within the food and drink industry – there are more than…

  • craft-beer-box-subscriptions

    11 Best Craft Beer Subscription Boxes to Try (2021)

    The popularity of craft beer has seen an incredible boom in the past decade – with so many options, a…

  • high-end-apartment-complexes

    7 Best Amenities for Luxury Apartment Complexes in 2020

    When the Great Recession finally hit Austin, TX, new apartment construction came to an abrupt halt. Financing was extremely difficult…

  • craft-distilling

    What Is a Craft Distillery? +History of Craft Liquor Distilling

    Many alcohol consumers, especially millennials, have moved away from big-name beer and liquor producers toward more niche and craft options…

  • bar-insurance-coverage

    Bar and Tavern Insurance Guide: Coverage Types, Cost

    Most of the time, we don’t give a second thought to insurance. We have it because we have to, but…

  • insurance-liabilities-breweries

    Craft Brewery Insurance Guide: Coverage Types, Cost

    The craft beer boom is in full swing, and it seems like a new brewery opens for business every week.…

  • adding-menu-to-google-my-business

    How to Add a Menu to Your Google My Business Page

    Last year, 97% of consumers searched online to find a local business – and 64% of all mobile searches for…

  • craft-brewery-promotion-plan

    11 Creative Craft Brewery Marketing Tips (+5 Examples)

    The number of craft breweries in the United States skyrocketed from just over 1,500 in 2008 to over 7,000 in…

  • restaurant-kitchen-cost

    How Much Does It Cost to Build a Commercial Kitchen (+Alternatives)

    For those considering opening a new restaurant – or adding a food menu to an existing business – researching how…

  • book-food-trucks

    How to Schedule a Food Truck for Your Next Event (+Cost)

    Nothing ties together an event quite like the food. Depending on the occasion, food might be the main reason that…

  • local radio advertising

    Local Radio Advertising: Cost, Examples, and Tips

    In today’s market, there are many digital advertising options for businesses to use. While methods like social media, PPC, and…

  • types-of-local-advertising

    11 Proven Tips for Local Advertising (+Cost and Examples)

    It’s tough for any business to increase revenue or build an initial customer base through word of mouth alone. For…

  • how-to-advertise-on-groupon

    How to Advertise on Groupon: Cost, Tips, and Examples

    For small businesses, specifically in the hospitality industry, local advertising presents many problems. Many of these small business owners are…

  • mug-club-night

    How to Start a Mug Club in 5 Steps (+5 Examples)

    Opening a bar is hard work, and keeping a bar open in the extremely competitive food and drink industry can…

  • breweries-with-dogs

    20 Dog-Friendly Breweries in Chicago (2021)

    To many, the dog is a part of the family. As an essential member of your tribe, it can be…

  • beer-lines

    Guide to Beer Line Cleaning: Tips, Equipment, FAQs

    Even the best beer can be ruined if it is run through a moldy, clogged, or flavor-stained beer line. Draft…

  • social-media-restaurants

    How to Create a Killer Restaurant Training Manual

    Employee training is one of the best investments you can make when opening a new restaurant.  Restaurant staff training is…

  • how-to-do-contract-brewing

    What is Contract Brewing? (+Pros and Cons for Craft Brewers)

    If you’re just starting out in the craft brewing industry, it may be surprising to learn that many successful breweries…

  • legal-requirements-of-opening-a-new-brewery

    Brewery Licensing: 7 Important Laws and Regulations

    When you’re ready to make the jump from hobbyist to professional, opening a craft brewery can be a dream come…

  • email-marketing-breweries

    Email Marketing for Restaurants & Bars: An Ultimate Guide

    When you think about the types of businesses that benefit the most from email marketing, do restaurants and bars come…

  • brewery-websites

    15 Inspiring Brewery Website Designs in 2021

    If you’re looking to open a business of any kind in today’s market, one of the most important marketing factors…

  • tip-jar-example

    21 Creative Tip Jar Ideas to Earn More Money

    Sometimes an empty can just won’t cut it. For employees that rely on tips, it can pay to get creative…

  • food-truck-stats

    25+ Powerful Food Truck Industry Statistics (2021)

    Starting in hip cities across America, food trucks have grown into a staple in cities and towns across America. Food…

  • restaurant-interior-design-tips

    11 Restaurant Interior Design & Decor Tips (+5 Examples)

    Implementing effective interior design in your restaurant is a fantastic way to build out your vision and achieve success. If…

  • social-media-at-restaurants

    Social Media Marketing Guide for Restaurants and Bars

    Digital media, mainly Instagram, paved the way for food vloggers and bloggers, bringing food enthusiasts and their discoveries to people…

  • opening-a-hotel

    How to Start a Hotel Business (+Cost and Business Plan)

    An entrepreneur is always on the lookout for their next opportunity. Business opportunities can come at any time, and when…

  • restaurant-staff-service

    21 Great Customer Service Tips for Restaurants and Bars

    Running a successful restaurant, brewery, or bar requires excelling in a number of areas in addition to providing quality food.…

  • leaving-restaurant-reviews

    12 Best Restaurant Review Sites: +5 Review Management Tips

    In today’s digital world, it’s easier than ever for consumers to look up restaurants and bars to try online. In…

  • hotel-website-design-examples

    11 Examples of Hotel Website Designs that Convert (2021)

    Your website is the first impression that a guest has of your hotel and should be a reflection of how…

  • menu-design-for-restaurants

    21 Menu Design Tips for Restaurants (+5 Menu Design Tools)

    One of the important parts of owning and running a successful food establishment is, of course, the food. However, knowing…

  • restaurant-marketing-strategies

    23 Best Restaurant Marketing Ideas for Growth (2021)

    Trying to find new ways to drive traffic and increase sales? Restaurant marketing will help you start the new year…

  • food-handling-license

    How to Get a Food Service License in 2021 (+Cost)

    Serving food requires much more than making tasty dishes and thirst-quenching drinks. Whether you’re opening a new restaurant, food truck,…

  • restaurant-lighting

    Best Lighting for Restaurants & Bars: Ultimate Guide

    Designing a restaurant, bar or brewery requires an ample amount of research and planning. It’s important to decide the desired…

  • luxury-hotel-amenities

    31 Hotel Amenities to Wow Guests & Increase Bookings (2021)

    The hospitality industry has undergone some pretty substantial changes over the past couple of decades. In the 1980s, the industry…

  • hotel-advertising

    11 Hotel Marketing Strategies to Book More Guests

    Today, hotels not only have to compete with other hotels, but also with new players like Airbnb, Vrbo, and Homeaway,…

  • business-traveler

    What is Bleisure Travel? +5 Tips for Hotels to Capitalize

    Whether it’s a client meeting or a conference, there’s plenty of opportunities for employees to travel for business. Many of…

  • grand-opening-celebration

    21 Unique Grand Opening Ideas to Create Buzz

    Opening a business can be one of the most exciting, yet nerve-wracking, experiences of your life.  In addition to the…

  • improve-hotel-star-rating

    Hotel Star Ratings Systems Explained in 2021

    Choosing a hotel for any trip is a key part of the planning process. Whether a traveler is booking their…

  • restaurant-design-examples

    30 Best Restaurant Website Design Examples to Inspire You

    A company’s brand is the image it presents to the world, which means that it’s one of the most important…

  • restaurant-staff-scheduling

    10 Best Restaurant Scheduling Software Apps (2021)

    If you’re still using spreadsheets and handwritten notes to create your restaurant’s employee schedule, you may be wasting a lot…

  • best-ipad-pos-for-small-business

    11 Best iPad POS Systems in 2021

    Point-of-sale systems have quickly become essential in helping businesses of all sizes run smoothly while offering excellent customer service. There…

  • restaurant-start-up-cost

    How Much Does It Cost to Open a Restaurant? (2021)

    Opening a new restaurant can be very exciting, and often times it’s the culmination of a lifelong dream. For those…

  • restaurant-waitlist

    8 Best Waitlist Apps to Improve Your Restaurant’s Wait Time

    When business is booming, your restaurant will have more customers than you’ll have tables available. While this is great for…

  • small-business-pos

    10 Best Free POS Systems for Small Businesses (2021)

    Today, setting up a hospitality business is easier than ever before. All you need is a smartphone, tablet or laptop,…

  • hosting-a-trivia-night

    How to Host A Trivia Night At Your Bar

    There’s something satisfying about proving that you know more than the table sitting next to you.  Trivia nights have been…

  • how-to-manage-a-restaurant

    21 Restaurant Management Tips for New Owners and Managers

    Restaurants can be especially challenging to run, as small businesses go.  But if running a successful restaurant is your dream,…

  • owning-a-brewery

    How to Start a Winery in 2021 (+Business Plan)

    Wineries are some of the most romanticized backdrops in history. Who wouldn’t enjoy drinking a glass of delicious wine while…

  • central-kitchen

    What is a Central Kitchen? (+How to Operate One)

    Trends within the restaurant industry are always changing and evolving to keep up with the ever-growing and diversifying consumer-base restaurants…

  • bar-promotion-ideas

    30+ Bar Promotion Ideas to Stay Busy During the Week

    If a customer doesn’t know about a bar, they can’t drink at the bar. Bar owners need to continually think…

  • bar-events

    20 Exciting Events to Pack Your Bar in 2021

    Keeping a business going means always thinking of ways to get customers in the door. With many other options for…

  • food-delivery

    12 Best Online Ordering Systems for Restaurants in 2021

    Do you run a restaurant or plan on opening a new restaurant in 2020? In either case, online food ordering…

  • best-pos-system-for-bar

    13 Best POS Systems for Bars & Taverns (2021)

    The main function of a bar may seem simple and straightforward, but operating one requires a huge range of knowledge…

  • restaurant-bookkeeping

    8 Best Restaurant Accounting Software in 2021

    Starting a restaurant is a dream for many, but few are able to make that dream a reality. Those who…

  • bar-stats-and-trends

    25 Must-Read Bar & Night Club Statistics in 2021

    Bars and night clubs have become a staple of American culture. They’re as prevalent as gas stations and coffee shops.…

  • brewing-your-own-beer

    How to Make Beer in 13 Simple Steps (+Homebrewing Ingredients and Equipment)

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