12 Best Beer Pong Tables in 2021 (Home & Bars)

12 Best Beer Pong Tables in 2021 (Home & Bars)
July 9, 2020 Levi Olmstead

Beer pong has become one of the most essential drinking games for house parties, tailgates, and bars.

With its rise in popularity of the past decade, many young adults have looked to replace their college beer pong days with at home tables. Bars have added professional beer pong tables to their list of bar games to attract customers. Even startups have begun to add beer pong tables in their office floor plan to attract the best talent.

Whether you’re looking to add fun to home parties, or looking to add a professional beer pong table to keep the office entertained or as a bar promotion – we’ve found the best beer pong tables for you.

12 Best Beer Pong Tables in 2020

    1. PongConnect
    2. Infinity Beer Pong
    3. TapGlo
    4. PowerPong
    5. Pong 180 Deluxe
    6. Beer Pong Master
    7. RaveTable
    8. GoPong Pro
    9. PartyPong
    10. C5 Beer Pong
    11. Zazzle Beer Pong Table
    12. Tiki Guy Foam Floating Beer Pong Table

6 Best Professional Beer Pong Tables for Bars

For bars, breweries, offices, and hangout spots – here are 6 of the most popular and interactive beer pong tables that will help you stand out and attract the best customers & keep your office entertained.

1. PongConnect

Overview: PongConnect brings beer pong into the future. PongConnect has several different game modes to help bring beer pong fun to your bar. Not only will people be interested in playing when they’re there, there is an app available to help get beer pong leagues started so people will be sure to come back time and time again. 

One of the best features of this table is the mobile app which keeps track of players scores, results, and record. PongConnect players can stay updated no matter where they are. 

One of the biggest downsides to this table is that while it can be placed anywhere, it is predominantly only in bars where those under 21 are not located. Also, for more casual drinkers, an intense game of beer pong may not be the background noise people want to hear.

Price: The price of these tables varies depending on your establishment’s location but they do ship worldwide.


2. Infinity Beer Pong

Overview: One of the more traditional beer pong tables (in the light at least) is brought to us by Infinity Beer Pong. While the table may look relatively plain when it’s turned off, when the lights come on it’s a non-stop party. 

The table is sleek, stylish, and easy to move. The table is loaded with graphics to catch someone’s eye and turns a standard game of beer pong into something much more. One of the major downsides to this table is that there are no game modes available. So if the table is inactive, it may end up being a coaster for someone’s drink.

Price: $579 – relatively inexpensive in comparison to others on this list.


3. TapGlo

Overview: One of the most unique tables on this list is TapGlo’s table. TapGlo has several different game modes designed to “black out” the opponent’s lights. Preloaded with several game modes, more can be added as they’re rolled out. When people aren’t playing traditional ping pong, beer pong, or “Black Out”, the table’s rest mode will catch someone’s eye and pull them in. 

One of the best things this table has to offer is that it has much more than beer pong. Patrons of all ages can play this game to keep them in your bar longer. The main downside of this table is its size. It’s much larger than a traditional beer pong table. So if you’re tight on space as is, TapGlo may not be the best option. It is the most affordable table however as there is no purchase cost. 

Price: N/A – They offer revenue share and leasing options.


4. PowerPong

Overview: PowerPong is a table that brings people together to have a good time. PowerPong is fully automated to remove any hygienic issues to help keep things neat and tidy. PowerPong is going to draw attention the minute people walk inside and they may visit that before they visit your bartender. 

It’s a simple and easy game to keep your patrons busy and occupied while enjoying a cold beverage in your bar. With only one game mode installed on the table, the game may get old quickly resulting in a loss of interest. 

Price: Its price tag of $6,995 may be a concern to some as well. 


5. Pong 180 Deluxe

Overview: When people want a classic, Pong 180 Deluxe is the best option for them. This game is one of the original automated beer pong games and can be played from 1-4 players. There is no cleanup or spillage as each team has their own set of cups which rotate between rounds. 

While this game will be sure to have people huddling around it, it’s one game mode of six cup beer pong may be a bit more outdated than some would like. Commercial beer pong has come a long way in the past few years. 

Price: It’s expensive, starting at $7,875.


6. Beer Pong Master

Overview: Beer Pong Master is another more traditional commercial beer pong table which requires no cleanup and is perfect for arcade bars and establishments similar to a Dave & Busters.

This game can be placed anywhere in your establishment and it will be sure to gather a crowd. Whether someone wants to play a quick solo game or challenge their friends, Beer Pong Master makes it easy to bring beer pong into your establishment. It’s smaller than traditional tables and slightly larger than a standard arcade game and requires little to no maintenance. 

Price: While the game is simple, it comes with a bit of a hefty price tag of $3,995 


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6 Best Beer Pong Tables for Homes & Apartments

For the home pong player, here are six of the best options to be the host of the party.

1. RaveTable Interactive Beer Pong Table

Overview: The Rave Table will take any party up several notches. Fully illuminated, when music is playing, the table’s lights will change according to the beat. There’s a reason it’s called the Rave Table.

 Price: The only downside to this table is its price tag. $1,995 may be a bit too much for some to pay for a fun night of beer pong.


2. GoPong Pro

Overview: If you’re hosting a party and want to play beer pong in addition to other table games, GoPong Pro is what you’ll want. This table is fully waterproof meaning any spillage won’t ruin or damage the table. It’s also very sturdy to withstand anyone leaning against it. 

Although it can be used for many different purposes, it’s very simple at its core. No flashing lights, no fun markings, no way to keep score. But for a home table, it gets the job done.

Price: For $119.99, this table is a pretty good option for you


3. PartyPong

Overview: If you want a beer pong table that’s recognizable and customizable for you and you alone, this is your table. Whether you’re a huge sports fan or just someone who wants a cool, unique table, these tables should be on your list. PartyPong tables can be completely customized to have different graphics, lights, holes, and ball holders. The only downside to a fully customizable table is that each option comes with a higher price. 

Price: $120 to $300 – While you do get a customized table, you’ll pay a heftier price to do so.


4. C5 Beer Pong

Overview: For beer drinkers who admire craftsmanship, a C5 table is just that. A handmade beer pong table made of high quality materials that will be sure to have people asking you where you got it from. The table has a unique, sleek design that is truly one-of-a-kind. The table is made of wood but you can opt for something different, and has lights under where the cups rest. There’s also a hidden cup and ball storage space to keep the table looking sleek and professional. 

Price: While the table is fully customizable, paying $999 may be a bit of a tall task for some people.


5. Zazzle Beer Pong Table

Overview: Tailgating is filled with plenty of drinking games, and more often than not, beer pong. Zazzle brings a customizable table that’s perfect for your next tailgating experience. Graphics can be added along with different ball holding features to show everyone how big of a fan you truly are. The table is smaller than regulation beer pong tables and there is a bit of a concern with durability, but it’s lightweight and foldable to be taken anywhere you go. 

Price: At $108, this table won’t break the bank.


6. Tiki Guy Foam Floating Beer Pong Table

Overview: Straying from the traditional beer pong table, the Tiki Guy Foam Floating Beer Pong Table is truly one-of-a-kind. This floating beer pong table is what you’ll want if you want to take your pool party up a notch. 

The table breaks down into three foam sections to hold cups and drinks while floating in the water. It can also be placed on a table if you want to keep the fun going out of the water. Playing in the pool may be difficult if there are many people around as the table will constantly be moving. But it would be a great way to show off how skilled you are. If you want to keep the fun but on a dry surface, you will need another table to place the foam on in order to stabilize it.

Price: $109



Nate Winans

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