25 Must-Read Bar & Night Club Statistics in 2021

25 Must-Read Bar & Night Club Statistics in 2021
December 6, 2019 Levi Olmstead

Bars and night clubs have become a staple of American culture. They’re as prevalent as gas stations and coffee shops.

For many Americans, opening a new bar or club is a lifelong dream. But for those who are seriously considering starting a new bar, researching the statistics of the bar industry is a must to determine the current stability of the industry, what type of bar to open, and how to manage a club or bar efficiently.

Bar Industry Statistics

  1. There are approximately 62,600 register bars in the US in 2019. (Statistica)
  2. The bar industry is growing at 2.9% YoY. (IBIS World)
  3. Virginia has the most bars per capita of any state in the US at 64,773 bars/capita. (Eater)
  4. North Dakota has the fewest bars of any state in the US at 1,621. (Eater)
  5. Taverns make up the biggest segment of bars in the US, making up over 30% of the bars in the US. (America Nightlife Association)
  6. Night clubs are the least represented bar-type group in the US at 8.3%. (America Nightlight Association)
  7. Although night clubs make up the least amount of bars in the US, 42 of the top 100 bars in the US based on revenue are night clubs. (America Nightlight Association)
  8. The average cost for a bar to acquire a liquor license in the US is $4,500. (Investopedia)
  9. The average startup cost of opening a new bar ranges between $110,000 and $550,000. (Investopedia)
  10. Gun violence has increased at bars and nightclubs in the US by 24% in the past 4 years. (IDscan)

Statistics on What People Are Drinking at Bars

  1. In 2015, distributors shipped over 215 million 9-liter cases of spirits to bars in the US. (Fortune)
  2. The most popular spirit of choice at bars in the US is vodka, making up 32% of its distribution. (Toast)
  3. The least popular spriting at bars in the US is gin at 5%. (Toast)
  4. Whiskey drinks has climbed from 15 million a month in 2008 to over 26 million a month in 2017 in the US, making it the fastest growing drink for Americans (Statistica)
  5. Beer makes up for over 10% of all drink orders at bars in the US (Statistica)
  6. The average American drinks 2.3 drinks when they visit a bar or night club. (America Nightlight Association)

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Bar Marketing and Promotion Statistics

  1. Only 3% of coupons sents out from bars are redeemed. (Statista)
  2. 70% of people visiting bars say they visit the same types of bars every time they go out. (America Nightlight Association)

Bar Staff and Employee Statistics

  1. The average bar staff member makes $10.43 per hour, excluding tips. (Statistica)
  2. 345,000 people are employed in the US by bars, taverns, and clubs in 2019. (Statistica)

Bar POS and Technology Statistics

  1. There are 74 restaurant management software companies offering solutions to bars. (G2.com)
  2. There are 279 POS vendors serving the bar industry in 2019. (G2.com)

Are You Ready to Open a New Bar?

These statistics are to help you determine whether or not it makes financial sense to open a bar, what type of club to open, and who to target for your customers.

Now it’s on you to put everything in action, but we’re here to help. Download our bar business plan template to act as a centralized repo for your new bar, tavern, or nightclub.