Ready to Serve Food In Your Bar?

Bars that serve food see a 1.8X increase in revenue and exponential growth of 5-star reviews.

2ndKitchen partners you with local neighborhood restaurants, allowing your bar to serve food without the overhead of an internal kitchen – all for free.

Your bar doesn't need a kitchen

Keep customers in your business longer and improve your bar’s reviews by…

Oh, it's completely free. Seriously.

No monthly fees. No delivery fees. No setup fees. Reach out to learn more:

Customer Stories


“Customers love our 2ndKitchen Kiosk. It gives them a fast and easy way to have delicious eats delivered right to their table,” says Cress Wrenn, Hopewell’s taproom manager. “With a partner like Mini Mott, bringing it into our taproom was a no brainer.”

Hopewell Brewing - Chicago, IL

Cress Wrenn, Taproom Manager

“Ordering is very easy and food is dropped off straight to their table. For us, it’s so simple: we don’t have to deal with food preparation and we get to feature food items from amazing chefs in our neighborhood.”

Doc Ryan's - Forest Park, IL

Marcia Sullivan, Owner