What Is Property Access? (+5 Benefits of Access Control Systems)

What Is Property Access? (+5 Benefits of Access Control Systems)
December 11, 2020 Levi Olmstead

For as long as we’ve had multi-unit residential buildings, we’ve needed ways to manage property access for residents, staff, and visitors. Ensuring a safe yet accessible front entrance is critical for any multifamily professional. 

Read on to learn more about managing multi-unit property access and the benefits of a property access system for your residents.

What Is Multifamily Property Access?

Property access is the process of giving someone the ability to enter a building. Access permissions can be given to known or unknown individuals on a recurring or one-time basis. To maintain a balance between convenience and security, property managers and owners need the ability to add or remove property access permissions as well as review entry logs. 

To effectively administer and manage multi-unit property access, you’ll need to invest in a property access system.

What Is a Property Access Control System?

A property access system is a device that controls and manages who is allowed to enter a building. When installed in multi-unit apartment buildings, property access systems let property managers and staff grant and revoke property access permissions to individuals who need access to the building. 

This includes residents, guests, delivery and service people, and building staff. Tenants and their guests comprise the majority of use, as they rely on the system for regular access to the property.

Types of Access Control Systems for Apartments

Though each of the systems above manages access differently, every property access system  ensures that only authorized people can access a building or property.

5 Benefits of Property Access Control Systems for Multifamily Residents

Property access systems do more than just get people through the front door — they can also serve as a desirable amenity for residents. The booming proptech industry offers a wide selection of tech-forward property access systems that not only make your life easier as a multifamily professional, but also improve your tenants’ living experience.

Here are five benefits of property access systems for residents in multi-unit apartment buildings.

1. Convenient Keyless Access

Multifamily renters favor properties that prioritize convenience, especially when it comes to property access. Believe it or not, traditional keys are quickly becoming outdated — technology has enabled totally keyless building entry

Residents love keyless access because they never have to worry about losing or forgetting their apartment key. It’s also convenient for residents who want to go for a run without lugging around keys, or who have their hands full as they approach the front door.

Keyless entry options include:

  • Keypads that allow residents to enter a unique PIN code
  • Smartphone-enabled intercom systems that let residents open the door with a mobile app on their phones
  • Bluetooth devices that allow residents to open the door with a smartphone or other Bluetooth-enabled device
  • Biometric devices such as fingerprint scanners and facial recognition technology

2. Easy Access for Guests

Residents aren’t the only people who need property access — don’t forget about your tenants guests! Residents don’t want to worry about missing a visitor when they’re taking the dog out for a walk or shopping at the grocery store. They want a property access solution that lets them grant access to visitors remotely.

A traditional apartment buzzer with in-unit hardware only allows residents to open the door when they are physically in their apartment. It’s a viable solution, but why not go a step further to make your residents’ lives even easier? Modern property access systems that operate with a mobile app let residents open doors from their smartphones — which means they can grant property access to visitors even when they aren’t home.

3. Seamless Food Delivery

When COVID-19 slammed the nation in March 2020, delivery and food services quickly became the #1 most desired amenity among residents in multi-unit apartment buildings. Going into 2021, food delivery remains top-of-mind for tenants who need a break from cooking but want to dine at home. 

When residents order food delivery, they want to avoid the hassle of going downstairs to open the front door for the courier. They also want to avoid a potential security breach by sharing a private door or gate code with a stranger. Property access systems make it possible to simply and safely get the food delivery person into the building.

You can also use food services to engage with residents and provide a modern, in-demand amenity. Partner with a provider like 2ndKitchen to offer room service with free delivery, launch socially-distanced community events like restaurant popups and food trucks, and offer credit packages to entice residents to renew leases. Property access systems make it easy to invite providers onto the property and deliver exceptional service.

The #1 most desired amenity among multifamily residents.
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4. Improved Building Security

63% of renters say they would not rent an apartment with poor security. Keeping your building safe is key to attracting and retaining tenants. The simplest way to robustly improve security is to invest in a property access system.

Property access systems improve safety in multifamily buildings by:

  1. Providing an audit trail of property entry activity. Cloud-based property access systems provide a log of all building access events to amplify security.
  2. Automatically removing access permissions when tenants move out. With an access control system, you don’t have to worry about former tenants entering the property with an old key — simply remove them from the system and they’ll lose all permissions.
  3. Creating safer entry solutions for visitors and service providers. Giving a physical key to a dog walker or friend creates a security risk. Modern property access systems offer better solutions, like virtual keys that can be used at specific times.

5. Eliminate Package Theft

Package theft is no joke — nearly 40% of Americans have had a package stolen. In response to rampant package theft, 41% of people report that they have decided not to purchase certain items online out of fear. 53% say they have adjusted plans to make sure they were home to receive a package.

In most cases, package theft at multi-unit apartment buildings without package lockers occurs because the delivery courier can’t get into the building and opts to leave packages outside. In other situations, it’s that the courier can’t place packages behind a locked door and has to leave them in an unlocked vestibule or lobby.

Modern renters are sick of worrying about package theft — they want a convenient and secure solution that results in successful deliveries. A property access system is the perfect way to ensure that couriers can access locked doors and leave packages in a safe place, away from would-be thieves.

Next Step - Invest in a Property Access System

Managing property access at your multi-unit apartment building doesn’t have to be difficult or complex. With the right access control or apartment intercom system in place, you can deliver a secure and convenient experience for residents, visitors, and building staff.

Not only will your property be easier to manage, but your residents will enjoy the improved living experience, which could mean higher tenant satisfaction and lower turnover.



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