How to Write a Tenant Welcome Letter (+Free Template)

How to Write a Tenant Welcome Letter (+Free Template)
January 20, 2021 Levi Olmstead

Start building your relationship with your residents even before they become part of your multifamily community by providing them with a new tenant welcome letter before move-in. Tenant welcome letters give community managers an opportunity to show their newest residents that they care by providing move-in instructions and other useful information on their new home to ease their transition.

Why Should You Send a Welcome Letter to New Residents?

Every multifamily community is unique and has its own way of doing things. Sending a welcome letter to new residents will let them know that you care about making their experience in your community a positive one from start to finish. It will also allow you to provide them with a basic understanding of how your relationship will work moving forward.

What to Include in Your New Tenant Welcome Letter

Your welcome letters should include everything a new tenant might want to know on the day of their move-in and as a new member of your community. 

Here are some common and useful items to include depending on your multifamily building’s policies and facilities.

How to Set Up & Turn On Utilities

Let your new residents know if you require specific providers and make them aware of any new-customer deals you’ve negotiated for your community.

How to Get Renters Insurance

Note whether your community or even your state requires renters to purchase renters insurance prior to signing a lease. You can provide renters with contact information for preferred insurance providers if you have any.

Where to Pick Up Keys

Key pickup may seem straightforward, but depending on the style of your building, how many move-ins you’ve scheduled, and a number of other factors, having a clear-cut plan for residents looking to pick up their keys is a must.

Move-In Day Details & Checklist

Similarly, residents will appreciate any information you can provide to make their move-in day go smoothly. Should they be scheduling their move with management ahead of time? Do you need them to bring items in through a certain entrance? Spell everything out to minimize any day-of confusion.

How to Create an Account for Property Management Portal

Include signup and login instructions if your community uses an online portal. This will make it easy for new residents to pay rent or request maintenance assistance from day one.

How to Pay Rent

Let them know expectations around rent payment. Can they pay by check or online? Who should checks be made out to? Do you have a rent drop box for after-hours payments?

How to Put in a Maintenance Request

Ideally, new residents shouldn’t need to put in any maintenance requests or work orders on the first day, but things happen. Let them know how your office accepts and handles maintenance requests to keep any frustration to a minimum.

How to Use Community Amenities

Make sure tenants know which apartment amenities they have access to and how they can take advantage. Make note of any operating hours or important rules to follow.

Garbage, Laundry, and Parking Information

Sometimes the most basic details are some of the most important ones. Make sure new residents know where they can dispose of trash and recycling, do their laundry, and park if they need to. If laundry or parking isn’t provided on-site, make sure you let them know where they can do so nearby.

What to Do in the Event of an Emergency

Make sure you layout your building’s emergency protocol and remind them to keep that information accessible just in case. Residents should know who to call and where to go in the event of any emergency.

Local Recommendations

Let your new tenants know about any local favorites. Include notable restaurants, entertainment venues, and even public spaces like parks or recreation centers to help them feel at home right away.

Contact Information

Include any important contact information for the management office and display it prominently in your letter. Make sure your new residents know that they can contact your team to answer any additional questions they may have about their move-in day, and encourage them to save important numbers for future use.

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When Is the Best Time to Send the Welcome Letter?

You should always send your new residents their welcome letter before they receive their keys and move in. Ideally, this would be after a new resident signs their lease and up to two weeks prior to their move-in day.

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How Should You Send Your New Resident Welcome Letter?

The most straightforward way to send your new resident letter is by email. This way you can ensure that it reaches them, it gives them an opportunity to respond with additional questions, and it will allow you to include links to the local resources you provide. Many property management software systems should give you the option to auto-schedule these resident communications. Overall, communicating with tenants via email is a great habit to build with your new tenants from the start of the relationship.

You can also provide a printout with their keys on pickup or even place one in their apartment as a part of a welcome package.


Above: Preview of our free new resident welcome letter template.

Free New Tenant Welcome Letter Template

Move-ins are stressful and hectic for residents and property managers. To help make move-in day easier, we’ve provided you with a free template to use for your new tenant welcome letter. You can use the following template as a starting point for the letter you’ll send to your new residents.
New Tenant Welcome Letter
Build a strong relationship with your new residents with our new tenant welcome letter template, including info on move-in, utilities, community rules and regulations, online portal account creation info, and more.

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