10 Tips for Designing a Beautiful Multifamily Lobby (+10 Examples)

10 Tips for Designing a Beautiful Multifamily Lobby (+10 Examples)
October 8, 2020 Levi Olmstead

The first thing residents, guests, or potential renter notice when they enter the building is the lobby. This is your entryway which everyone sees so you must set an elegant tone that will make people want to come back.

The way you decorate this lobby has the power to make or break your facility because you only get one chance in making an excellent first impression. 

Of course, you want it to be an excellent and lasting impression that people can remember with fondness. Whether you pick a Victorian, contemporary, minimalist, or any other style, you must do your best effort to create an enticing lobby to welcome residents, guests, and, most especially prospective home buyers or tenants.

10 Tips for Designing a Welcoming & Secure Apartment Building Lobby

Here are ten tips to help you create a welcoming lobby for your residential building.  

1. Craft a Well-Designed Reception Area

A reception booth is essential to cater to residents’ and guests’ inquiries. Say a guest comes to visit a resident but doesn’t know the room number; a receptionist will be able to help guide them.

Having somebody act as a middle man allows guests and residents to deliver packages and other deliveries to one another conveniently. The receptionist also has an essential job of keeping track of all the people who come and go into your building, which is an added security measure. If some residents want to filter guests, the receptionist can be given the power to refuse entry on a resident’s behalf. 


2. Have Security at the Front Door

The first thing to greet your residents and guests should be your security guards or doorman. Nothing speaks to luxury experience more than security. This also provides a measure of comfort for every individual in these trying times where terrorism is rampant. Having someone to check bags, luggage, and packages will bring peace of mind.


For communities without a doorman, consider a video intercom system to provide tighter security without the added staff. These smart entry systems give residents and building staff a better way to manage entry into their building.

3. Create a Warm & Welcoming Ambiance

Living in a residential building is an experience. You want your residents and guests to feel warm and welcomed the minute they set foot into your building. Create the perfect ambiance by installing warm lighting and high-quality flooring to match. Yellow lights create a more luxurious feel. If you want to go the extra mile, install attractive light fixtures that draw the eye. 

4. Provide Elegant Staff Uniforms

Your lobby staff is as equally important as anything else. You must provide your team with elegant uniforms that match the theme and ambiance of the building. It is important to choose garments that are business casual which make your staff look neat and refined but also approachable. 

The fabric must also be comfortable so they can do their jobs with ease. This uniform has the power to exude the style you want to evoke. Do keep in mind that unkempt staff looks unprofessional and unapproachable.

5. Add Touches of Nature

Studies show that nature is known to bring out people’s happy hormones. There is no better way to make your guest, residents, and even staff feel lighter and happier than by placing plants inside the lobby. 

Adding touches of nature does not just add to the quality of the place, but it also improves air quality and people’s quality of life because they feel more productive and positive. Go for planters, dish gardens, bonsai plants, and pretty flowers.


6. Decorate with Unique & Lively Art

Adorning your lobby with decorations that match the theme and ambiance is one way to jazz up space. Add picture frames or even a graffiti wall to make the area more unique and attractive. 

In addition, having these artistic spaces make for the perfect Instagram background. Through decorations, you can create a fun and lively environment. It is human nature for the eyes to be drawn to beautiful objects, so make it your mission to provide an aesthetically pleasing lobby.

7. Install Quality Furniture

A resident called a Grab/Uber car and is waiting in the lobby. The grab driver messages he will be late, and the resident will have to wait longer. 

For this reason, it is essential to have furniture strategically situated in your lobby to allow individuals to sit down and rest, be it to wait for a driver, wait for a friend, or communicate with the receptionist. Choose quality pieces that provide comfort and style.

8. Provide a Water & Coffee Station

One thing people can’t live without is a good cuppa joe. Providing a free, public coffee machine in the lobby makes the space more appealing. Guests who are waiting for a resident can grab a cup and chill. Coffee consumption is energy-boosting, so giving busy residents a convenient way to get their caffeine fix is a great idea. Coffee machines are one great way to energize both the lobby space and the people.

9. Create Communal Spaces for Relaxation

Any lobby needs to have space specifically for communal use. You want an area where a group can stay and mingle. This area can be a haven for them to unwind if they still don’t feel like going up to their residences. Making it a priority is to satisfy your residents and guests. It is your job to ensure that they are happy and well taken care of.


10. Provide a Separate Lobby for the Service Elevator

Finally, apart from your elegant lobby elevator, a separate service elevator is a requirement because no resident wants to ride up the elevator next to cargo boxes. These deliveries take up a lot of elevator space and are unsightly. Provide a separate service elevator for deliveries so there won’t be any ruckus and eyesore.

10 Examples of Beautiful Multifamily Lobbies

These residential buildings across the United States understand what it means to make a good first impression. You’ll be enamored by their resplendent lobbies that are elegant and inviting. When it comes to high-rise living, you know that these lobbies are your preview of sorts to what a particular property can offer. If you are thinking about investing in a unit, renting one, or you’re just looking for inspiration, here are top ten luxury lobbies that you should check out:

1. 525 West 52nd Street

Where: Hell’s Kitchen, NY

525 West 52nd Street

Overview: The moment you see this two-tower luxury rental apartment situated in Hell’s Kitchen, you will be impressed. It has a huge through-block lobby with polished-concrete gallery floors. To match this, it has steel sculptural elements and dark wood ceiling panels. 

As an added touch of class, hand-woven customized rugs and tasteful art pieces that have been specially commissioned for the building decorate the place. Grey armchairs and couches adorn the area where you can enjoy a quick cup of coffee. You will also enjoy the garden atrium that extends from the second-floor lobby right down to the cellar.

2. Privé at Island Estates

Where: Aventura, FL

Overview: You will be in awe at this amazing lobby that showcases the intercoastal waters. The view serves as the highlight of this impressive lobby with its massive floor-to-ceiling windows. When you sit in one of the elegant chairs, you’ll feel as if you are connected to the ocean.

This twin-tower development on South Florida’s last buildable island was really able to leverage the property’s location in making an awe-inspiring lobby. This spectacular scenery is further highlighted by two amazing sculptures created by Matthew Harding, an Aussie sculptor. These pieces follow the motion and flow of magnificent ocean waves.

3.One Seaport Plaza

Where: New York, NY

Overview: This Lower Manhattan luxury condo designed by Hill West Architects has an impressive second-floor lobby. Your eyes will be visually drawn to the unique reception desk that’s crafted with Calcatta gold marble. It’s bronze walls also add a nice touch, giving the place a warm ambiance.

The highlight of this lobby is the Groves&Co light constellation, which features 375 hand-blown lights all-over. A double-sided fireplace and adjoining terrace also add a touch of elegance.

4. Brickell City Center

Where: Miami, FL


Overview: The moment you enter this sleek 43-story luxury tower, you’ll be amazed at the luxurious and striking chandeliers adorning the lobby.

This lobby, designed by Richardson Sadeki, is all about opulence with its high ceilings and large open spaces. Although it looks a bit formal, you will enjoy hanging out in its relaxing oversized seats.

5. The Ritz-Carlton Residences

Where: Miami Beach, FL


Overview: The name says it all! Who in the world doesn’t know how ritzy the Ritz is. This multimillion-dollar lobby is in a league of its own. Its highlight is the half a million dollar spiral staircase design by Piero Lissoni. 

This focal point will draw anyone’s eyes as it stands in all its glory in the lobby. The rest of the place is strewed with artifacts, art pieces, books, and other collectible trinkets from around the world.

6. 507 West Chelsea

Where: New York, NY


Overview: This is NY High Line’s newest rental development that’s designed by Ismael Leyva Architects. You’ll feel right at home in this lobby that perfectly combines natural elements with industrial accents.

There is a chic and warm ambiance with the motif creating a truly welcoming impression. Everyone is in awe of the living green walls with contrasting wood accents. The place is lit up by designer light fixtures and beautiful terrazzo floors.

7. 277 Fifth Ave.

Where: New York, NY


Overview: Situated in the NoMAd neighborhood of the big apple, this newest lux residential condo is outfitted with an impressive lobby.

It feels very airy as it features double-height walls, coupled with floor-to-ceiling windows. It’s most heart-warming feature is a library lounge. To invite people to read, it is crafted with floodlights. The vibrant glow also manages to highlight the glossy and luxurious Italian marble walls.

8. The Liddel Wilshire

Where: Los Angeles, CA


Overview: This residential area is situated along LA’s “Golden Mile,” so its lobby is equipped with something reminiscent of Hollywood glamour.

Interesting light fixtures and sculptures adorn the spacious lobby. Stylish, oversized armchairs invite you to sit down. The highlight is the long fireplace adorning one wall.

9. Oceana Bal Harbour

Where: Bal Harbour, FL


Overview: The residents and guests of this 240-unit luxury condo are greeted by a massive breezeway in between its two towers. This monumental feature frames both the sky and the Atlantic Ocean.

Right in the middle is a stainless steel sculpture by Jeff Koon called Pluto and Proserpina. With blue-chip art collection plying the walls, you can’t help but think that this unique lobby doubles as an art gallery.

10. The Osborne at 205 West 57th St.

Where: New York, NY


Overview: This brownstone is very ornate with its gilded and vaulted ceilings. The large lobby exudes a dark and mysterious vibe that’s akin to a palace. You can’t help but think to yourself that this majestic place houses royalty. Apart from this amazing lobby, the Osborne is known for having the most impressive residential entrance in the Big City.


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