7 Best Mailroom Management & Notification Software in 2020

7 Best Mailroom Management & Notification Software in 2020
May 11, 2020 Levi Olmstead

For most, inbound and outbound mail is delivered by a mail carrier to your doorstep or dropped off at a local postal service drop-off station. Your address may only have a few packages a week delivered.

But for residential and commercial buildings such as high-rise communities, university dorms, and co-working spaces, it’s much more difficult. These buildings have potentially thousands of packages delivered every day. To handle this amount of mail, high-volume mailrooms create organized workflows and processes to manage and track all the mail and packages that enter their mailrooms.

That is where a mailroom management software comes in.

What Is a Mailroom Management System?

A mailroom management software system is a form of PropTech that helps residential and commercial buildings organize all inbound and outbound mail activities, including logging the arrival of new packages and alerting residents or tenants of their arrival.

7 Best Mailroom Management Sofware in 2021

Here are the best mailroom management and notification software apps for residential buildings, dorms, and co-working spaces in 2020, ranked based upon each product’s user-review score on G2 or Capterra.


1. Notifii

User Rating: 4.9 out of 5 stars

Overview: Notifii is a cloud-based package tracking and notification system for residential communities and student housing dorms. It helps the staff of these buildings manage and track incoming packages and notify tenants of newly arrived packages. It is tablet and mobile-friendly and has features including package logging, electronic signatures, tenant alerts, and searchable history.

Price: $79 to $139 for 1-500 units, plus $10 for every additional 100 units​


2. PackageX

User Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Overview: PackageX is a cloud-based, AI-powered parcel tracking and management system for apartment complexes and condo buildings. It allows buildings to use smart devices to scan in new packages, track and manage mailrooms, and notify residents of new parcels – all through its AI-powered camera and package recognition system.

PackageX also offers a full inventory and asset management tool for multifamily residential buildings to manage all of their ordering and purchasing.

Pricing: N/A – Must request a demo


3. ParcelTracker

User Rating: N/A

Overview: Parcel Tracker is a package management and notification software that helps residential buildings manage their mailrooms better. The web-based app allows mailroom staff to scan in new packages with their cell phone’s camera, and Parcel Tracker’s AI system automatically detects and notifies their tenant.

Price: $40/mo up to 200 tenants, $320/mo for 2,000+ tenants


4. iLobby Delivers

User Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Overview: iLobby is a visitor management system that also has a new product – iLobby Delivers – that helps residential and commercial buildings manage all incoming and outgoing mail and packages. It is a mobile-friendly system that allows mailrooms and front desks to scan shipping labels and iLobby automatically manages inventory, organization, and notifications.

iLobby does require a physical system, similar to a POS system at a restaurant or retail store.

Price: $99/mo for unlimited packages and unlimited residents, units, or employees.


5. ReceivingRoom

User Rating: N/A

Overview: ReceivingRoom is a package tracking and management system for condo and apartment buildings with high-volume mailrooms. It is a tablet-based system that allows residents to sign-in with their unit number to see any new packages that have arrived, electronically sign for packages, and sign up for SMS and email notifications for new parcel arrivals.

Price: $70/mo for up to 200 units, $145/mo for 800+ units.


6. Envoy Deliveries

User Rating: 4.9 out of 5 stars

Overview: Envoy is a software company offering products for visitor management, room booking, and inbound delivery management for packages and mail. Envoy helps offices and buildings save time by automating and organizing mailrooms by scanning inbound packages to add them to the mailroom’s inventory and alerting those who have new packages in the mailroom awaiting pickup.

Price: $159/mo for unlimited deliveries


7. SphereMail

User Rating: 3.6 out of 5 stars

Overview: SphereMail helps businesses set up virtual offices – and offers a mail management product called SphereAPT Software that helps condominiums and luxury buildings provide concierge-like services for inbound mail and package delivery. It allows for residents to set up custom delivery option, receive notifications and alerts for new packages, forward mail, set up virtual phone numbers and live answering machines, and more.

Price: N/A

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Key Features of Mailroom Management Software

While we know the main benefits of these tools are for managing high-volume mailrooms, what are the common specific feature set of each mailroom management and packaging logging automation software? 

1. Inventory Management

For high-volume mailrooms, thousands of packages can come-and-go in a matter of a few days. Mailroom management systems help track all incoming and outgoing mail, giving both residents, businesses, and buildings all tools to find exactly where their mail or packages are located at any time. 

2. Mailroom Organization

Commercial and residential buildings have systems set up in mailrooms to streamline mail and package organization to quickly store parcels, and quickly find them for residents to pick up. Mailroom management software uses smart systems to better organize these mailrooms, cutting down on confusing procedures and on the time it takes to organize and distribute mail.

3. Smart Package Barcode Scanning

Mailroom management apps use smart-AI technology that leverages a smartphone or tablet’s camera to snap a picture of a package’s barcode and automatically knows the resident or business a package belongs to – saving mailroom managers time by not needing to track down each package’s owner.

4. Notifications & Alerts

A key feature of mailroom management software is incoming package notification features. When a package is scanned in, mailroom notification software automatically alerts residents who have opted-in with an SMS and email notification.

5. Signature Capture

Mailroom management systems have built-in electronic signature features that allow mailrooms to take all legal steps to sign over packages to its residents, giving mailroom managers the trust that they’re handing off packages to the right owner.

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