A Property Manager’s Guide to Apartment Amenities (2021)

A Property Manager’s Guide to Apartment Amenities (2021)
November 18, 2020 Levi Olmstead

For renters in the process of apartment hunting, a community’s list of amenities is top of mind.

From basic amenities such as laundry and kitchen facilities to new PropTech amenities such as integrated fitness centers and video intercom systems, property managers should be aware of the impact amenities have on renting decisions.

What Are Apartment Amenities?

Apartment amenities are non-essential features that bring added value, luxury, and convenience to residents. Amenities are what makes a building or unit unique and stand out from other apartments. While a kitchen sink wouldn’t be considered an amenity because of its essentialness to everyday living, things such as in-unit laundry or a patio would be considered an amenity. Amenities can be both in-unit such as or communal for the entire community.

What Is the Value of Amenities for Apartment Communities?

In our 2021 Multifamily Amenity Guide, we surveyed current multifamily renters on how amenities impact their renting decisions. The data was impressive. Amenities are one of the most impactful – if not the most impactful – factor when renters are apartment hunting.
87% of current multifamily renters say amenities significantly influence their renting decisions
94% of respondents said that would or would consider paying higher rent for improved onsite amenities.

Amenities are a marketing weapon for multifamily property managers and leasing agents. Apartment amenities, both in-unit and community amenities – give apartment complexes added value that helps them retain residents and attract new ones.

In-Unit vs. Community Amenities

Amenities in multifamily apartment buildings fall into one of two large categories: in-unit and community amenities.

In-Unit Amenities

In-unit amenities include everything found in a specific apartment unit. Examples of common in-unit amenities include a washer and dryer, a dishwasher, a patio, smart devices such as smart locks & smart lights, and more.


Community Amenities

Community amenities are found in common areas and are designed for communal use for all residents to enjoy. Examples of common community amenities include a fitness center, pool, dog park, rooftop, and more.

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14 Common Types of Apartment Amenities (+Examples)

There are countless amenities that a multifamily community can offer its renters. For the most part, these amenities fall into 14 major groupings.
  • Arts, Learning, & Media Amenities: Art studio, library, movie theatre, recording studio
  • Cable & Streaming Amenities: Cable TV, community WiFi, high-speed internet, streaming memberships
  • Childcare Amenities: Daycare, on-site classes, playgrounds
  • Fitness & Wellness Amenities: Fitness center, pool, sauna, spa, sports courts, workout classes
  • Food & Drink Amenities: Catering, on-demand dining, on-site convenience store or bar, room service, smart food kiosks
  • Gaming Amenities: Arcade, simulated driving range, table games, video game room, VR studio
  • Laundry Amenities: Dry cleaning, laundry pickup, laundry room systems, reloadable laundry cards
  • Mailroom Management Amenities: Mailrooms, mailroom management software, package lockers
  • Home Office Amenities: Conference rooms, co-working spaces, phone booths, printing services
  • Outdoor Amenities: Cabanas, firepits, garden, patio, rooftop deck
  • Pet-Friendly Amenities: Dog park or run, pet walking services, registration & tracking software, self-service pet grooming, subscription services 
  • Property management amenities: Community portal, maintenance request system, online payment
  • Security Amenities: CCTV, door staff, guest management systems, smart access systems, video intercom systems
  • Transportation & Parking Amenities: Bike-storage room, car sharing, dedicated rideshare drop-off & pickup, parking garage or lot, smart parking systems, valet

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The Most In-Demand Apartment Amenities in 2021

The hospitality industry uses the term “amenity creep” to describe how hotels are constantly upgrading and improving their perks, features, and amenities to gain a competitive edge over other hotels.  The same is true for multifamily communities in 2021 – but with hundreds of amenity providers and solutions, how do property managers know which ones they should prioritize?

In our recent 2021 Multifamily Amenity Guide, we wanted to find out. In our survey, we asked current multifamily renters, “what specific amenities would have the biggest impact on them when signing or re-signing an apartment lease?”

The three most in-demand types of amenities in 2021 are:

  • Fitness & Wellness Amenities
  • Outdoor Spaces
  • Food & Drink Amenities

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5 Tips to Use Amenities in Your Apartment Marketing Strategy

Your apartment amenities are crucial to the success of your community. When apartment hunting, amenities are what renters are looking for. Here are four ways that property managers can use their community’s amenities to attract new residents and retain current ones.

1. Showcase your best amenities online

Place your community’s amenity suite at the front of your multifamily marketing campaigns. 40% of renters say that amenities are the most important factor when apartment hunting and 87% say it is one of the most important factors.

How can property managers showcase their community’s best amenities?

  • Take high-quality photos of your amenities to use in  marketing campaigns.
  • List and highlight amenities on your website.
  • Use amenities at the forefront of your Facebook and Instagram ads.
  • Ask residents to tag and share photos of them using amenities.

2. Stop by your amenities during apartment tours

During guided apartment tours, make sure to stop by your best amenities. This gives property managers an opportunity to show off their amenities in person and gives the apartment hunters a chance to see amenities in use from residents, in person.

3. Stay informed on PropTech trends

Always keep an eye on new multifamily amenities. New PropTech startups tackling new problems and creating useful solutions appear all the time. Be aware of new technology and trends, which will give you an advantage on our properties.

4. Be an early adopter

Don’t be afraid to try new services and software. These solutions are here to make both the property manager’s life easier and residents’ lives more convenient. Many of the most in-demand amenities didn’t exist 5 years ago. Being an early adopter means your community is on the cutting-edge of new technology, which is a marketing strategy itself.

5. Ask your residents

Every community is different. You must understand the needs and wants of your residents before upgrading your amenities. Run surveys with your residents asking what their biggest pain points are in their day-to-day, specifically while at home. Use your feedback to take actionable steps to find the best amenities for your community.

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87% of current multifamily renters say amenities significantly impact their decision.