6 Best Multifamily Amenity Reservation Apps in 2020


6 Best Multifamily Amenity Reservation Apps in 2020

June 30, 2020


For large multifamily communities, COVID-19 has forced property managers to create new social distancing and safety procedures on the fly.  Early in the pandemic, many multifamily buildings made the decision to close all of their non-essential building amenities that attract large crowds and present dangerous conditions for spreading the disease.

However as states and cities begin to reopen, residents are pressuring property managers to reopen beloved amenities such as pools, gyms, and rooftops.

Property managers are tasked with making decisions on when and how to reopen amenities in the safest way possible. Opening amenities that by nature bring people in close contact with one another such as the pool and gym is a difficult challenge when trying to abide by social distancing rules. 

For multifamily communities, this means putting capacity and time limitations on residents using amenities. This creates an entirely new problem for multifamily property managers –  how do you create a system for residents to book and schedule amenity usage in a safe, simple, and equal way?

That is why many multifamily, HOA, and condominum property managers are turning to online amenity reservation, scheduling, and booking apps.

6 Best Online Reservation Apps for Multifamily Amenities

  1. Mobile Doorman
  2. Respage
  3. Amenity Boss
  4. SimplyBook
  5. GoGladly
  6. PropertyApps

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What Is a Multifamily Amenity Reservation App?

Online scheduling systems for reserving multifamily amenities provide property managers with a way to reopen, manage, and track usage of their building’s amenities.

A few examples of amenities that reservation & booking apps can help manage include:

  • Pool
  • Gym or Fitness Center
  • Patio or Rooftop
  • Grilling Area
  • Dog Park
  • Theatre

These apps can be stand-alone products or be built into a larger property management software tool already in use by a multifamily community.

Features of Amenity Scheduling & Reservation Software for Multifamily, HOA, & Condo Buildings:

  • Self-Service Reservations: Allow residents to browse a calendar view of open time blocks & self-reserve amenities through an online portal.
  • E-Waivers: Have residents sign e-waivers for using amenities.
  • Time & Capacity Limits: Limit the number of residents using amenities & manage time limits for length of time using amenities.
  • Payment Processing: Manage payments and deposits for amenities that have premium costs.
  • Amenity Usage Analytics: Provide property managers with data on what amenities are most popular, what times they’re being used, etc.

The goal of these apps is to help property managers reopen amenities while abiding by social distancing rules, while also giving residents an easy and fair way of booking community amenities.

6 Best Online Scheduling Apps for Reserving Multifamily Amenities

While there are many online scheduling and appointment scheduling apps available, we’ve searched for the best online reservation & booking apps specifically for managing multifamily amenities in 2020, complete with review scores from G2 and Capterra, product pricing, and an overview of each amenity reservation app.


1. Mobile Doorman

  • Review Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
  • Pricing: N/A

Mobile Doorman is a mobile app for multifamily buildings to create a virtual community board for residents to be alerted of building-wide news, receive weekly newsletters, see upcoming events, and reserve slots for amenities. Mobile Doorman previously offered amenity booking features in its app – but since COVID-19 have rebuilt the feature entirely relaunched it as Amenity Spacing by Mobile Doorman.

It allows for property managers to create a self-serving reservation solution directly in its heir community app, provide a portal to see availability of amenities in real-time, and set occupancy and time limits for amenity usage. Residents are able to pre-reserve or reserve time slots on the spot, as well as see all rules and regulations for specific amenities across the building.


2. Respage

  • Review Rating: N/A
  • Pricing: N/A

Respage is a multifamily property marketing software suite of tools for property groups to manage PPC Ads, social media, online reviews, and chatbot conversations all in one place.

As properties reopen amenities, Respage launched a new amenity reservation tool called Respage Resident Amenity Scheduler. The tool allows property offices to control amenities hours of operation, time slots, party size, capacity limitations, and when residents can schedule time. It gives residents the tools to book a time to use their amenities in an easy-to-use online portal.


3. Amenity Boss

  • Review Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
  • Pricing: N/A

Amenity Boss is a new smart amenity booking system for multifamily properties from the company Parking Boss. It differs from the two reservations systems above as Amenity Boss is a stand-alone product not built into an overall property management software platform.

Amenity Boss allows property managers to reopen, manage, and track usage of amenities that abides by social distancing rules and is fair and equal for all residents. It has features to limit capacity, hours, and party sizes for scheduling amenity reservations, provide analytics on amenity usage, and an easy-to-use app for residents called “amenity pass” to schedule a time to use amenities and get an e-pass ticket that gets them into their amenities.


4. SimplyBook

  • Review Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars
  • Pricing: Free

SimplyBook is a free online appointment and scheduling system that is used by many industries to solve various reservations and booking problems – including property managers of multi-unit apartment complexes.

SimplyBook allows property managers to create a portal for residents to select times to reserve slots to use building amenities. Property managers can create time limits, restrictions on party sizes, and more. While not as robust as the other tools on this list, SimplyBook is an easy-to-use and free scheduling tool that solves the core challenges of reopening amenities in a manageable way.


5. GoGladly

  • Review Rating: N/A
  • Pricing: Free

GoGladly is a free online HOA website building that allows office managers to create simple dues and payment portals for residents. GoGladly’s online HOA amenity reservation system is a set of new product features that allow residents to reserve times to use their condo building’s pool, pavilion, grills, and more – directly from their HOA website. 

GoGladly allows property managers to set time-limits and other restrictions on amenity usage – and is one of the most integrated solutions on this list, as it can be integrated directly into an HOA website. For those communities already using GoGladly, implementing its amenity scheduling solution is a no brainer.


6. PropertyApps

  • Review Rating: N/A
  • Pricing: N/A

PropertyApps is an all-in-one solution for creating an online multifamily portal for rent collection, tenant communication, building staff management, service requests, facility & operations management, and more.

PropertyApps for Amenity Reservations is a new feature built into the platform that allows property managers to set rules, time limits, and capacity limits on building amenities. It gives residents a self-service portal for viewing open time-slots, approved reservations, amenity waitlist, and an overall calendar view of amenities.

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